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Amethyst Mountain

Learn to Hunt

As a new arrival here in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone, you must learn how to hunt on Amethyst Mountain – mostly elk, but also there are also mule deer, moose, bison, and snowshoe hares. You'll have to become a good hunter before you can persuade another wolf to become your mate!

Gamplay tips for Learn to Hunt quest

Find a Mate

Winter is coming to Amethyst Mountain, so it's time to start looking for a mate. Out there you'll find dispersal wolves like yourself, who have left their family pack in search of a mate to start a new pack with. If you venture into other packs' territories, you'll meet wolves who will fiercely defend their territory – and some who you might be able to persuade to leave their pack and become your mate.

Wolves have complex ways of communicating with body postures and vocalizations. In the game, use emotes, interacting other disperals to build or discourage interest. As in real life, travel and hunt together for a time before deciding whether or not to start a pack together (WQ:Anniversary Edition only).

Gameplay tips for Find a Mate quest

Journey to Slough Creek

There isn't enough space in Amethyst Mountain for you and your mate to raise pups so you will journey to Slough Creek (COMING SOON) to find a den.

**NOTE: Until Slough Creek is released for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, you can still continue exploring, harass predators, and hunt prey.

WolfQuest 2.7 includes all the quests: Learn to Hunt, Find a Mate, Journey to Slough Creek.

Slough Creek

COMING SOON to WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

WolfQuest 2.7 includes all the quests: Find a Den, Establish Territory, Raise Pups, and Journey to the Rendezvous (the end of the WQ 2.7 story).

Find a Den

You and your mate arrive in Slough Creek. Most of this area is as yet unclaimed by other packs, so explore and find a good den site to have your first litter of pups.

Establish Territory

Now establish a territory for your pack! Start marking around your den (with raised leg urination, howling, and simply presence), then move outward to expand your territory. The stronger your territory, the safer your pups will be from rival pack danger – but a bigger territory also takes more time to maintain and defend.

Raise Pups

Your pups emerge from the den at about six week. They are weaned but rely on you and your mate providing them with regurgitated meals. So hunt and eat extra to fill up your growing pups!

Protect your young from dangerous predators who won't pass up a chance to eliminate the competition before it can bite back!

Socialize with your pups to build pack affinity. Building strong bonds with your pack is key to survival.

Once your pups are old enough to leave their birth den, your family pack will choose a summer rendezvous site – a place to sleep, play and eat – until your pups are old enough to travel and hunt with adults.

Lost River

A fictional town in the mountain west

Some years ago, something happened which forced all human residents to leave the valley. Nature has begun to reclaim the place, with elk herds wandering the abandoned streets and subdivisions. Wolves may wonder what happened here, but they will never know.

You can hunt, find a mate (single player), acquire territory (multiplayer), and explore Lost River but you can't go to other maps from here. And you can't raise pups here.


Play online with friends

Current multiplayer maps: Amethyst Mountain and Lost River (Early Access for PC and Mac)

Future maps: Slough Creek and Tower Fall

Pack Life

Survive as a multiplayer pack, hunting, exploring, chatting or roleplaying.

See the WolfQuest Knowledge Base for details about multiplayer gameplay.

Territory Acquisition

A new game mode revolving around the claiming and holding of territory as a multiplayer pack vs. NPC stranger wolf packs.

Raise Pups (COMING SOON)

Raise pups as a multiplayer pack. COMING SOON after Slough Creek is released.

Tower Fall

A future map and episode in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

The upcoming episode Tower Fall will continue your life with pups. What will be in the new episode?

In the first weeks of June, the pups frolic at the rendezvous site in Slough Creek while their parents bring them their first meals of fresh elk meat. When the elk herds move down into the Lamar Valley, the pack follows — only to find other packs have already established territories in the valley. So they journey further south, up and over Specimen Ridge, then down into the valley of the Yellowstone River. There, on the banks of the Yellowstone, with Tower Fall thundering nearby, the pack makes a new home amidst fellow predators and plentiful prey. Here the pack will stake out a new territory, protect their family from danger, and and raise a new generation of skilled hunters.

The Tower Fall expansion will be an in-game purchase (DLC) and released after WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition.

Follow development of Tower Fall at