Some New Stuff (including v1.0.5e public beta)

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Some New Stuff (including v1.0.5e public beta)

Post by loboLoco » Thu Dec 10, 2020 5:50 pm

We've just released a public beta for v1.0.5e -- which does not include Slough Creek (though that is coming soon!). It does include a bunch of fixes and improvements. Please review the full list below. Today's devblog looks at a few of these, and also shows off some new merch on our RedBubble store, featuring -- you guessed it -- pups!

Browse our merch store here:

Links to past devblogs about genetics:
* Genes Behind the Scenes
* Pupdate: Behind the Genes

v1.0.5e BETA 1

Now available on Steam for Windows.

1) In the Steam app, go to your Library, then right-click on the WolfQuest: AE name in the left column and choose Properties.
2) Then go to the Betas tab and select the WQ current Beta option in the pulldown. No password is necessary. Steam should then start downloading it. Later you can switch back to the public version in that Betas tab, by selecting NONE in that pulldown.

* On Wolf Customization, a new readout indicating if the selected wolf coat and tint value makes it a gray or black coat, in terms of K locus genetics.
* Hotkeys for Emote Favorites, using 1-7 numbers on your keyboard. (Press-hold on an Emote to add or remove it from the Favorites panel.)
* If game is unable to save to the Saves folder (for unknown reasons), game now offers option to collect more data to submit with bug report, which may help us solve the problem.
* Quest icons on each quest intro/completion panel.
* On World Map, territory hexes now have a thick outline when above 50% strength, and opacity begins to drop at 70%.
* Added emotes: Woof and Squeak (these will be pup commands in Slough Creek, no effect in Amethyst).
* Added Camera Slope Auto-Adjust toggle in Game Settings: Gameplay. Disabling it will stop the camera from finding its preferred position above the ground on slopey terrain.

* Changed Pickup Object input from double-tap spacebar to press-hold spacebar (or A button on controller).
* The Y-Invert toggle for normal camera and headcam have changed to standardized game setting. The game should remember which way you prefer it, but if not, please open Game Settings: Controls and click the Y-axis toggles on or off.
* Controls Remapping: Alert appears if you try to map an action onto a key which already has an action mapped.
* For double-tap W for Gallop/Trot toggle: reduced the time window for the second tap, to make it less like to trigger gallop inadvertently.
* When kicking wolves with their front legs, ungulates will not kick quite as quickly in succession, giving the wolf a chance to get away.
* In multiplayer, hares and meat chunks should stay closer to wolf when dropping them to ground.
* In multiplayer, probably some reductions in teleporting during hunts and wolf fights.
* Snowshoe hare: Tweaked AI so it should react sooner to predators.
* Music now plays during scene loading.
* Wolf releases bite-hold on prey if prey runs into water.
* Reduced frequency of eagle cry when flying.
* Changed audio file loading method to reduce excess memory usage.
* Made snowshoe hare more wary of predators.

* In Amethyst in early November, you dream every time you sleep.
* Boulders sometimes have snow when they shouldn't.
* Carrying food in mouth plays dinnertime music.
* Camera lags and jitters when targeted during strafing.
* Snowshoe hare label is inconsistent.
* Autosave schedule progresses when game is paused.
* Some issues with controller support and navigating the main menu UI.
* Line break typo in Lost River mission intro.
* Photo Mode icon doesn't disappear when it should.
* Mouse wheel doesn't zoom on map.
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Re: Some New Stuff (including v1.0.5e public beta)

Post by elkhunter123456 » Thu Dec 10, 2020 6:08 pm

That readouts going to be super helpful. I've always been slightly confused with some of the coats.
Loved that shot at 2:52, super cute.

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Re: Some New Stuff (including v1.0.5e public beta)

Post by Starbender2000 » Thu Dec 10, 2020 6:25 pm

Ah, so our pups are considered meat chunks in programming code? Lol...just kidding, ya'll are doing amazing work here, and I think the hold down tap with the space bar will help improve the game-play alot, as I have experienced some of the struggle to pick up a meat chunk!

-StarBender2000 :wolf:

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Re: Some New Stuff (including v1.0.5e public beta)

Post by BlackMetal » Fri Dec 11, 2020 6:35 am

I've never had problems picking up meat chunks, but the new spacebar-feature will definitely make it easier. And thanks for the information about the coats (which one is gray or black).

Keep safe and healthy! :wink:

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Some New Stuff (including v1.0.5e public beta)

Post by MyWolfsQuest » Sat Dec 12, 2020 3:32 pm

Now that we use the 'hold spacebar' instead of 'tap spacebar twice', I was wondering, what if this command was used for howling as well? So, instead of tapping 'H' once for the first howl and tapping twice for the second howl, the player taps 'H' once for the first howl and holds 'H' for the second howl. I feel this would make more sense (especially for new players) and would be nice because I've been having issues sometimes with howling. Anyway, I Love the new Pups!Pups!Pups! merch and the pups coming with Slough Creek! I've already assigned my emotes in the new v1.0.5.e3 beta!

- MyWolfsQuest :pawprint:

By the way, how is the beaver update coming? :beaver:

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Re: Some New Stuff (including v1.0.5e public beta)

Post by DinoDogDude209 » Sat Dec 19, 2020 11:45 am

That genetic coat color readout is very useful, in the past it has been very difficult to determine your wolf's coat color when creating a wolf. That's such a useful feature. The changes to how you pick up pups and food should be helpful in Slough Creek too, though it admittedly might take some time to get used to that new input. Also, Slough Creek is "coming soon"? I have been waiting to hear those words in a devblog ever since the Anniversary Edition was first released! That's great news, I can't wait to explore Slough Creek in the game and see the pups in the live game!

Also, the new pup-based merch is so adorable! I'm really tempted to buy something with one of the pup images on it, maybe that will be something to put on my birthday wishlist? :wink:

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