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Slow Creek

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 5:14 pm
by loboLoco

It may seem slow, but we are actually making great progress on Slough Creek. We still have plenty to do but the main quests and functionality are working well. Tommi and George have spent countless hours playing, calibrating, and tweaking to get Slough Creek ready for the next levels of testing. Currently we have a small group of our core beta testers intensively playing the game, finding bugs, and making suggestions. It’s exciting (and terrifying) to finally reveal Slough Creek to others and we are happy to hear they say it is fun to play!

Why don’t we share release dates? Well, we don’t have to! And we don’t want to put that kind of pressure on our team. Unlike games that have funders requiring official release dates – which inevitably mean crazy crunch time to meet that promise (or miss the date and then make everyone mad), we are free to just keep working and release things when they are ready. We appreciate everyone’s patience and appreciate you following our progress and cheering us on. Slough Creek is coming!

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is available now for PC/Mac on Steam and, as Early Access. The game currently includes Episode 1: Amethyst Mountain, Lost River: Classic, and multiplayer mode in both maps. Slough Creek is in development! The mobile version will come after the game (including Slough Creek) is completed on PC/Mac platforms. The next episode, Tower Fall (DLC) will follow. We do not announce specific release dates. We will release them when they are ready!

Re: Slow Creek

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 5:23 pm
by elkhunter123456
Take your time! There's multiplayer to keep us occupied in the meantime.
Also I love those new pup animations.

Re: Slow Creek

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 6:10 pm
by BlackMetal
Please take your time to fix that bugs etc. I can imagine that it's hard to plan and announce the real date when the Slough Creek episode comes out. And at the moment, all players are so excited to play with friends online. That's why we don't really care about the exact announce date of Slough Creek, but of course we are really looking forward to the next episode!

So once again, please take your time for those things and don't stress out!

Keep safe and healthy! :wink:

PS: The Halloween-Patch is really amazing (but I still haven't found any decoration in Amethyst :( )!

Re: Slow Creek

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2020 3:03 pm
by MarsHalline
I understand everything and I would like to say that for me too there is multiplayer to keep me busy, but unfortunately it is not like that. the Eu servers are totally empty and the people to play with are few and in some specific hours (1/2 a.m.). Also I can not organize myself with anyone to play, my friends do not like the game and I am alone .... I take advantage of this post to ask how to create a post here on the community. I've been following the game for a very long time (2013). I don't want to rush you, but it would be nice to be able to move on with the story ...
The game is fantastic. I love it. :pawprint:


Re: Slow Creek

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2020 12:20 am
by TimberRaven
That's so cool, Dave! The pups are also adorable and it's good to hear that Slough Creek is coming out nicely. It's also good that you all don't have to rush like heck to get it out there, heh. Time is what makes works of art beautiful. You should take all the time you need and once SC is out for everyone, no one's stuck on a bug-ridden game, haha.
Thank you Dave and WQ team! Stay safe <33