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Grizzly Grab & Go

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2020 4:36 pm
by loboLoco

Lately we’ve been refining and improving the predator attacks on your pups, which will be an ever-present danger in the upcoming Slough Creek episode of WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition. Today’s devblog looks at the grizzly bear attacks, with a new twist: because grizzlies see your pups as a snack, their goal is to grab and go with the pup rather than killing it on the spot as stranger wolves and coyotes do. So if you can’t stop the grizzly from grabbing a pup, you still have a chance to pursue. If you catch the bear quickly enough, a few bites will usually bring it to a stop and force it to drop your pup, who can then (usually at least) get away to safety. Watch the video for details!

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is available now for PC/Mac on Steam and, as Early Access. The game currently includes Episode 1: Amethyst Mountain, Lost River: Classic, and multiplayer mode in both maps. Slough Creek is in development! The mobile version will come after the game (including Slough Creek) is completed on PC/Mac platforms. The next episode, Tower Fall (DLC) will follow. We do not announce specific release dates. We will release them when they are ready!

Re: Grizzly Grab & Go

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2020 4:57 pm
by elkhunter123456
Yes, I love this. The predator alert is great as well. I was really wishing for this weeks devlog to be about the predator attacks and I got my wish :D And yay, the pups can run from predators now!

Re: Grizzly Grab & Go

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:33 pm
by BlackMetal
One thing is that we can see now where predators come from, the other thing is that it won't be so easy to chase bears away because of their strength. I wish I can save my pups and bring them into den before the predators, especially bears, kill them.

Keep up the good work and stay safe and healthy! :wink: