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Hunting Tips and Tactics (JayPlays)

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:01 pm
by loboLoco

The elk hunt in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is designed to realistically capture the challenges and dangers facing wolves in Yellowstone as they seek their main prey. For players, this means mastering many skills: how to find a herd, identify a vulnerable member, deal damage with risky bite-holds, and when hunting calves, avoid the dangerous hooves of the mother. We asked JayPlays, a popular YouTuber and longtime WolfQuest player and beta tester, to suggest some tips and tactics to help players hunt elk more successfully. Here’s her video — enjoy! (And then go enjoy many more videos of WolfQuest and other animal games on her YouTube channel.)

Re: Hunting Tips and Tactics (JayPlays)

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:14 pm
by elkhunter123456
I have some tips of my own as well!
Here are some:
When hunting bull elk or cow moose on challenging or accurate, its important to have your mate do a lot of the work as well, for instance let your mate bite for a while so that you don't take any damage, and there fore have more health for the stand-off. If you see another wolf pack hunting an animal, wait until they run off then kill the wounded animal they were attacking.(ive never seen stranger wolves finish a hunt) Speaking of wolf packs, their are always 4 groups of (non-pack) opposite gender wolves in a given game.
The fescue and snowbrush herd are usually located near spawn rock and the burn. The Hawthorn herd and wheatgrass herd is located near the Lamar river. The brome herd is usually in the part of the Junction Butte territory near the burn. The Blue Grama bull elk herd is located deep in the wapiti territory. These are the GENERAL locations of some herds that I know at the top of my head. Hope this list helps with finding elk.
Back to actual hunting tips, if you bite once on a calf's side, sometimes no feedback damage will occar. When hunting bull elk on accurate, if you get kicked once, you may as well give up. I know this from personal experience. try not to go for a throat bite on an adult elk until the elk is on its knees. if you bite the throat before that you risk getting kicked a lot. (Let your mate go for the throat. Mates are smart. mates will avoid any danger if they are below 5% health. so your mate is almost at no risk during hunting. :lol: ) if you have a cautious mate, that mate will almost never attack during a calf hunt. (at least thats what I experience) After a study involving watching the Devlog "Stranger Danger" (And courting varios Lamar females in-game)I realized bold mates will howl more without the player initiating the howl then a cautious wolf which would almost never if ever. initiate a howl. So, if you want the best hunting partner for calf hunting, choose bold mate.

For hunting deer try to herd the deer near rocks, or cliffs. This will slow the deer down. Also fawns are not worth it, unless a doe has 2 fawns, in which case the doe will abandon one to die. :|

This lecture is probably very confusing to read but I hope it helps some people.

Anyways, keep working hard WolfQuest team! Your making great progress!
JayPlays is an awesome narrator by the way!

The fescue herd is my favorite herd to hunt, as I know its general location the most. Whats yours!

Re: Hunting Tips and Tactics (JayPlays)

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 1:24 pm
by -Wolfdog-
For elk hunts, I almost always go after the calf. The only real threat is the calf's mother. I always attack when the elk calf is fleeing. The elk calf will try to stand its ground and run behind its mother for protection. If that happens, simply run far away enough—both the calf and it's mom should run back to their herd. Run after them and bite the elk calf, most likely the mother is too far away to immediately defend her calf. I also wait until they've gotten inside of the herd, that way there's so many elk the mother has a hard time navigating. Although it may seem easy, NEVER corner the calf into a rock or tree. The elk calf must be running at all times to make the hunt as easy and as quick as possible. I play on Accurate mode. I also let my mate finish off the elk calf because your Wolf's health is about that of an elk calf's and 1 injury could mean failure. A few days ago male dispersal wolves attacked an elk calf (pretty sure since the elk calf had such low health when I bit it for the first time). Like what Elkhunter said above me, take advantage of other wolfs' hunts!