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Re: Playing Dead

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:52 am
by MazelAngel
Hash_Myth wrote: I have a idea that many may like.

Why not have a choice? Like for example, say you die... You get 2 options. Spawn closer and loose more experience (25%) or re-spawn at a distance and loose less experience (5%).

Also I'd love to see a system setup that would have perks for your wolf. Like say you can gain points from doing things and loose points for death. Kinda like a skill tree.
The perks wouldn't be something that would make your wolf have special powers or something but more of a edge. The longer you live and contribute to your pack or your level, the more powerful you become... But die... And you loose your powers/points and have to collect them back up again.

Maybe like a stronger mate bond, critical chances for attacks, faster speed in attacks, burst of speed or stamina, ect... Just some things that could give you a edge, but not so much that it makes it totally unbalanced.

It would be better to have skills that you can gain and loose as many times as you live or die vs just leveling up and having a level next to your name and title of said level.
This seems like a good idea, particularly the skill tree. The longer your wolf is alive, the more skills it will learn, so having a skill tree would make sense. But maybe you don't lose all of your skill points, because it would be extremely frustrating to spend hours maxing the skill tree and then being sent back to the beginning.

I personally like the idea of an increasing percent XP penalty for each time you die, starting out quite low and increasing rapidly. It would act as a sort of warning before you die more, and would (of course) be incentive to die less.
Gillato wrote: I disagree with poly, i really like the respon a fair distance one' it's fair and you wouldent have to really go that far to return to the place you were at.
I disagree with this one because you have to keep in mind that the new map is much, much bigger. Having to go "a fair distance" could be anywhere from one kilometer to three, with much outside that range. Even if your pups lose hunger more slowly, if you don't have a carcass lying around then your death could be potentially fatal for them, especially if they weren't exactly high on health to begin with.