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Development Blog Videos by Category

Post by Pepper » Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:30 pm

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Soundtrack Released for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

Nearly two hours of music and we will be adding more tracks as we continue to develop the game! (12/10/19)

Assorted News
Assorted news (8/15/19)

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition: Patches and Next Steps

Patches and next steps (7/29/19)

Looking Forward, Looking Back
One week to release Early Access for Mac/PC and ... history of WQ link. (7/18/19)

Early Access Release Date
July 25, 2019: Releasing Amethyst Mountain for PC/Mac on Steam and, as Early Access. That will be followed by multiplayer and Slough Creek some months later, then followed by the mobile versions. We’ll then resume development of the next episode, Tower Fall. (6/20/19)

100 New Things Coming to WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition

A list of 100 new features and improvements! (5/23/19)

WolfQuest 3: Amethyst Trailer
Amethyst Mountain trailer (5/9/19)

Why Why Why?
Release update and bloopers (12/27/18)

Beary Bad News
Release update and grizzly bears (sow & cubs) (12/6/18)

The Story So Far
Recap and updated release and early access info (8/16/2018)

When When When?
Original release date with updates (12/28/2017)

Announcing WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition
Original announcement trailer (8/4/2017)



Hard Rock Ballet
Refining the wolf movement on the cliffs of Amethyst Mountain (3/7/19)

Stand Out from the Pack
Wolf customization options (9/27/18)

Multitasking on the Move
Emote while moving (animation mixing) (9/13/18)

Shave and a Haircut
New fur shader (7/26/2018)

Playful Pups
New wolf pup models and animations (7/5/2018)

Eye of the Beholder
New eye shader (6/7/2018)

What's Your Favorite Howl?
New howls (5/3/2018)

Genes Behind the Scenes
New genetics system (4/19/2018)

By Pupular Demand
New pup models (2/8/2018)

Let it Snow!
Wolves sleeping (in new positions!) in the snow (12/14/2017)

Putting on the Fur
a tech demo of the new fur for WolfQuest New fur shader (7/14/2017)



NPCs Do the Darndest Things
New NPC animal behaviors and new golden eagles! (10/25/19)

Carcass Camera Trap
More realistic animal behaviors at carcasses (6/13/19)

Meet the Prey
New/improved prey! Elk, mule deer, moose, bighorn sheep, snowshoe hares, beavers (6/6/19)

Battling Bulls
Bull elk fighting behaviors (5/30/19)

Meet the Competition
New cougar model! And bear, coyotes, stranger wolves, and fox (4/11/19)

Beary Bad News
Release update and grizzly bears (sow & cubs) (12/6/18)

Peaceable Kingdom (for a Day)
Thanksgiving! The animals (11/22/18)

Stot If You Got It
Mule deer hunting (11/15/18)

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
New hare model (10/25/18)

Growlin' Grizzly
New grizzly bear model and sounds (4/26/2018)

Vote for a New Animal!
New toad and vote for new animal (2/15/2018)

Busy as Beavers
New beavers (1/4/2018)

Hooves of Hurt
Elk defense (10/20/2017)

It's a Whole New Herd
New elk adults and calves (9/8/2017)

Kicking it Up a Notch
Elk rear kick (8/25/2017)

A Mule Deer Family
Mule deer adults and fawns (6/30/2017)

Summertime Snack
Mule deer fawn (6/16/2017)

New Menu Item: Mule Deer!
Mule deer stotting (6/9/2017)

Picnic in the Grass
Newborn ungulates (5/17/2018)

Happy Thanksgiving from WolfQuest!
Wolves with new elk carcass (11/24/2017)



Hunting Tips and Tactics (JayPlays)
JayPlays demonstrates how to find a herd, identify a vulnerable member, deal damage with risky bite-holds, and when hunting calves, avoid the dangerous hooves of the mother, and more. (11/28/19)

Hunting for the Hardcore
Crafting the hardest difficulty level. (7/11/19)

Candid Camera
Photo mode lets you freeze action to take cool screenshots (4/18/19)

Passing the Smell Test
Optimizing the new floating and ground scent system (4/4/19)

Herd Any Good Names? (Help us name the elk herds!)
Elk density and herds in Yellowstone and WolfQuest (1/31/19)

I Do... Do You?
Find a mate mission walkthrough (1/24/19)

Beta Testing WolfQuest 3
Guest JayPlays talks about beta testing (1/17/19)

You're Getting Veery Sleeeepy...
Wolf physiology system and HUD (1/10/19)

Fight or Flight
Stranger wolves and the fight or flight meter (1/3/19)

Stranger Danger
NPC (stranger) wolves and packs (12/13/18)

Spawning Food and Foe
Configuring animal spawning (11/8/18)

Energetic Elk
Balancing elk energy and exhaustion (11/1/18)

Bite Club 2: The Elk Kicks Back
Refining the elk hunt and bites (10/11/18)

Bite Club
Refining the wolf fight (10/5/18)

Playing Dead
Player poll about death consequences (9/20/18)

I'm the Boss...or Not
Wolf fighting (8/30/2018)

Good Mate Hunting
Mate hunting (8/23/2018)

You Had Me at Playbow
New courtship gameplay (8/9/2018)

Emote Yourself
New emotes for your wolf 8/2/2018)

The Better to Smell You With
New scent view system 6/28/2018)

For Better or For Worse
Mate AI and personality (6/14/2018)

Herding Calves
New elk calf behaviors (5/31/2018)

Feeling Territorial
New territory system (3/29/2018)

Hungry (Sometimes) Like the Wolf
New hunger model (3/22/2018)

Design Challenge! The First 15 Minutes
Suggestions for start of game (3/1/2018)

Cleverer Coyotes
New coyote AI (2/22/2018)

Moveable Feasts
Picking up food chunks (1/11/2018)

Flock Around the Clock
New global animal movement system (12/1/2017)

Mission Simpossible
Suggestions for secondary quests (11/17/2017

Vote! Fate of the Mate
Vote on mate death (11/10/2017)

Ride of the Wapiti
New elk herding mechanics (10/13/2017)

Where the Wild Elk Are
New elk spawning systems (9/1/2017)

I Smell Elk!
New scent gameplay (7/21/2017)

By Popular Demand...Hydration!
Ability to drink water (6/3/2017)



New Tricks for the Pack: Improving Multiplayer Functionality
Multiplayer suggestions (1/25/2018)



I'm Dreaming of a White Cliff Rock...
Snow accumulates on cliffs! Today’s video shows that new shader in action. (12/13/19)

WolfQuest Patch Notes - v1.0.1a
Lots of fixes and new aspen trees! (11/1/19)

Cliff Face Lift
Improved cliff terrain (9/20/19)

Shadow Play
Better shadows to the horizon! (7/4/19)

The Music of Sound
Creating the soundscape (5/2/19)

Really Old Trees
New models of the petrified tree forest in Amethyst Mountain (4/25/19)

Weathering Heights
Weather effects (3/28/19)

Music and Elk Herds and Trees, Oh my!
New music, the new elk herd names, and whitebark pines. (3/21/19)

The Long and Winding Lamar
Creating the Lamar River (2/28/19)

I've Been Working on the River
Making improved rivers and creeks (2/14/19)

Running Through the Woods on a Snowy Evening
Dynamic weather system snow effects and holiday greeting (12/20/18)

Into the Woods
New forests (11/29/18)

Our Douglas-firs are Tree-mendous
New Douglas-Fir tree models (9/6/2018)

Render in the Grass
New grass and sagebrush (6/21/2018)

At World's End
Creating the world beyond the map (5/24/2018)

Cliff Notes
Creating cliff terrain and bighorn preview (4/12/2018)

Texturing the Terrain
Creating realistic ground textures on the terrain (3/8/2018)

Roughing Up the Terrain
Using new tools to create more detailed terrains (11/3/2017)

Take Me to the River?
Drinking from the Lamar River (10/27/2017)

Creating new and bigger maps (7/28/2017)



Soundtrack Released for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

Nearly two hours of music, and we will be adding more tracks as we continue to develop the game! (12/10/19)

Music and Elk Herds and Trees, Oh my!
New music, the new elk herd names, and whitebark pines. (3/21/19)

Play That Wolfy Music
Implementing adaptive music (10/18/18)

A Little Elk Music
New elk hunt music (7/19/2018)

Tune Up
Adaptive music intro (2/1/2018)



November Progress Report
What Dave, Tommi, Mikko, Andrei, and Susan are working on.(11/21/19)

Raising Hills in Slough Creek
Crafting realistic granite hills around Slough Creek using Unity tools. (11/14/19)

New Beginnings
No 2.7 wolf import as planned. (7/21/19)

WolfQuest, Graphics Cards, and You
How your graphics card affects performance and quality (6/27/19)

Zeno's WolfQuest
Technical tweaks and Zeno's paradox (2/21/19)

Honing Performance
Optimizing the game (2/7/19)



WolfQuest Returns to Yellowstone: Slough Creek
August 2019 research trip to Slough Creek (11/8/19)

WolfQuest Returns to Yellowstone: Amethyst Mountain
Another WolfQuest research trip! (9/13/19)

WolfQuest Goes to Yellowstone (Part One)
Introduction to Yellowstone 2017 research trip (9/30/2017)

Pictures from Yelllowstone 2017 research trip (10/6/2017)

WolfQuest Goes to Yellowstone: Amethyst Mountain
Hiking across Lamar Valley and up Specimen Ridge on the 2017 research trip (12/7/2017)

WolfQuest Goes to the International Wolf Center
Research trip to International Wolf Center (3/15/2018)

WolfQuest Goes to Yellowstone: Slough Creek
Hiking through Slough Creek on the 2017 research trip (4/5/2018)



Wildest Dreams: The Story of WolfQuest (Chapter 1)
History of WolfQuest, now over a decade old! (12/21/2017)



Some Things That Are Not Coming to WolfQuest 3
Trees, sliding elk, sleeping with the elk, more trees...(5/16/19)

Looking for Trouble
Testing and looking for bugs (3/14/19)

Why Why Why?
Release update and bloopers (12/27/18)

How to Bite an Elk
New biting mechanics in development (7/12/2018)

May Q&A
Wolf bugs with inverse kinematics (5/10/2018)

A Very Limber Wolf
Wolf bugs with inverse kinematics (1/18/2018)

Knocking it Out of the Park
Elk collision bug (9/15/2017)

New Hunting Moves
Elk biting bug (8/11/2017)

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