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Re: Mission Simpossible

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:16 pm
by ForeverEverest
To me, it sounds like these side-quests are a lot like achievements. I think rewarding experience for clearing them is a good idea. Maybe achievements could become the missions? That way, people would probably pay more attention to them, and be more likely to try clearing them for the reward. The journey to pack elder is pretty long, so I can imagine clearing missions to earn experience would be something many would want to do. If you are to turn achievements into sub-quests, then I guess it could be unlocked as an achievement the first time you clear it, but you can clear each mission once per wolf, gaining experience each time. That way, you can clear it multiple times, and still gain benefits.

Here's a little example:

Before the mission has been cleared, it's darker on the achievements list. (As they are before you clear them in 2.7.) There could be something like "(500XP)" written underneath, to show what you get for clearing it.

Once you've cleared it for the first time, you are awarded experience for the wolf you were using at the time, and you unlock it as an achievement, which then gains colour.

You can then clear the same mission, just with another wolf, to gain the experience for that one. (Or you can clear it again with any wolf, but if you clear it again with the same wolf, the experience is reduced... Or something like that.)

It's just an idea, but I think it would give people more incentive to collect achievements, as it benefits their wolf/wolves. It may result in certain achievements having to be removed, but I think it would provide a better use for achievements as a whole.

Edit: This post is now outdated:
loboLoco wrote:We are designing something new to replace XP, but you will be rewarded if you’ve earned a lot of XP in 2.7. We plan to archive all 2.7 achievements and have a new, larger set of achievements for WQ3.
(quote from May Q&A)

I thought this post might still have a use as inspiration for new ideas though, just wanted to mention that some parts would not work with WolfQuest 3.

Re: Mission Simpossible

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:13 am
by Myia
had a few ideas while I was out and about in 2.7 a few weeks ago.

what if, there was an area you could go to to catch mice or some other form of prey? to add to the challenge, this prey would probably have to be small and quick, traits which would also no doubt allow a lot of them to be in one area. depending on system limitations you could have 3 - 5 - 30 or even 50. (personally, I think 25 would be a good number) and you'd have a time limit in which you'd have to catch the prey. catching prey would reward you with experience and if you managed to catch a certain number within the time limit, you would get one of 5 perks. I came up with some ideas as to what these perks could be too.

1. strength upgrade, i.e. what you get from pulling off a rally
2. speed upgrade
3. decrease in the speed of energy decrease/temporary energy bar extention
4. damage decrease
5. invisible to prey, e.g. elk for a brief period when activated

I also thought about the concept of a scavenger mission where you'd have to steal food from things like coyotes, bears, cougar, other wolves or even humans without being detected. once activated, markers would be placed on the map where the food is or a food scent trail could appear and players would have to use their crouch/crawl skills, and use the wind direction markers on the compass, as well as using their environment to their advantage in order to grab food and eat it, or take it away using the new drag feature without being caught in order to earn experience.

and the other idea I had was that once this mission was activated, wolves would try and invade or capture the player's territory and they would have to fight them off by a brief period of time by growling at them and marking their territory so it didn't fall below a certain quality. if the territory quality fell below a certain point, or a wolf got to the player's den, the mission is failed. fighting off all wolves for the duration of the time period results in experience points.

that's all I have for now. thanks!

Re: Mission Simpossible

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:25 pm
by 44wolfquest
A good tutorial would allow the player to explore controls, maybe with pop ups to explain what they do. This wouldn't be too gamey or mission based, and wouldn't be directed by another wolf (Unrealistic). You would still start off as a two year old dispersal, and have a lot of freedom to figure out how to hunt independently. Maybe it starts near a spawnpoint where elk or maybe just a hare can spawn. This is my suggestion for a free, realistic, and not gamey tutorial. :wolf:

Re: Mission Simpossible

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:52 pm
by 2wolf22
The game is based on realistic wolf behavior. "Hierarchy" and " ranks" are not at all realistic and have had multiple researches proving Alpha, Beta, and Omega are outdated and only shown in captive packs. And no wolves joining your pack. That would not simulate wolf behavior in the accurate way as shown in real wolves. I also will say it's not a good idea to do human related quests. There are no hunters in Yellowstone. Plus, wolfquest is against the "Big Bad Wolf" thing. I still want any mission to be free and completely realistic. I'm just clearing out possible suggestions that aren't realistic. :)

For the tutorial, I wouldn't want pushy quests. They are attempting to make wolf quest less game like and more a free simulation. Just maybe a little instruction showing controls if the player has it on in settings. I like the two year old dispersal beginning. the quest is about finding a mate at the beginning. The updates to wolf quest will give a fun style of hunting prey. And there should be more achievements I think. More than 2.7. Good luck on the development WQ! :wolf:

Re: Mission Simpossible

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:40 pm
by el wolfo
Maybe there could be a random appearance for missions? etc- "Your mate needs you to guard the carcass while he feeds the pups." "I wave of coyotes/bears/stranger swarms your den! Protect your pups!" :wolf: "Or natural disasters? "Forest has caught fire! Bring your pups tot he river!" Or the big boy- "Hunters have invaded the den! Protect yourself and your pups and find a hiding spot until the park rancher helps!" And if you succeed a cutscene of the ranger confronting the hunters. :D

Re: Mission Simpossible

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:26 am
by PearlyReborn
I'm pretty sure hunters aren't realistic considering the game takes place in a national park.

Re: Mission Simpossible

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:40 pm
by Selvin novaraptor
Lebron BMT wrote:Seasonal Gameplay - WINTER

1) Make the winter season longer. Find a way to make winter last longer -- perhaps putting a set amount of real time players have to play in winter waiting for spring before pups can be born.

2) Make it more difficult to run through snow in the winter. Equally slow all animals in the game down including player wolves. More deep snow that players and other animals sink into as they run would be neat too.

3) Decrease the number of prey animals and carcasses in winter. Obviously there won't be any young animals like calves in the winter, but decreasing herd sizes of prey animals in the winter is something that could be changed to make survival more difficult also (except for very difficult prey like moose and bison). There are no bears in the winter, but with fewer prey animals there should be more competition and fighting between player wolves, other wolves, cougars, and coyotes fighting over carcasses. Perhaps increasing the number of other predators in the winter can help cause this effect and make up for the absence of bears.

4) Require players to hunt more in the winter because of the cold affects on player wolves decreasing energy/heat.

In other words, make winter more difficult to survive and a more unique style of gameplay in Wolfquest.
Plus. Challenge about thick ice would be neat.

Re: Mission Simpossible

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:48 pm
by Star_The_Wolf
I think secondary missions are great as long as it doesn't pop up like in most games. I think just encouraging the player to do things without popups are more natural.

Edit: I like tutorial popups.