Something New on the Menu: Mule Deer!

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Re: Something New on the Menu: Mule Deer!

Post by AveryCF » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:45 am

Noctis_ wrote:
loboLoco wrote:You best eat quickly and bring back a deer haunch to the family.

Is this a new mechanic I'm detecting?
Oh, well I immediately read it as finally getting (After 10 years, oh my. x'D I have only sadly spent 7 sense the beginning, but it was still pretty early on. x'D) the ability to pick up prey. Sense I joined all those years ago? I know plenty have asked for it, I wouldn't be surprised seeing the team have expressed they're trying to give those "High demand as well as realistic" some attention. ;3; I sure hope we're both right, I've always wondered if picking up small prey/prey remains would one day be a future option. ;3;

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