How do I get a mate in multiplayer?

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How do I get a mate in multiplayer?

Post by Neamara » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:12 pm

Finding a mate is not part of the multiplayer experience. Players will not be able to find dispersal wolves while playing the online game, but the common misconception is that it is acceptable to mate with other players. It is very important to know that WolfQuest is not a dating service. While real grey wolves do indeed seek a mate as depicted in the single player episode with a couple being very affectionate, there is a very fine line between what is and what is not acceptable behavior.
loboLoco wrote:It’s okay to say, “will you be my mate” and then RP with that wolf partnership in mind. It’s not okay to start chatting/interacting in ways that suggest physical interactions of dating/mating.

We don’t want to see “mate” in game-names because generally that means the host wants to engage in those kinds of prohibited chats/interactions.
Source: ... 5#p2487355
Pepper wrote:Flirting and sex talk are no nos, obviously. This isn’t a dating game! No “going to the den” or “making pups.”

Context is everything and common sense rules.
Source: ... 7#p2487637

Please steer clear of mating, dating or other romantic kinds of behavior and interactions in public games with other players who may not share the same interests. The filter is there for a reason — take it to private games, please. Because of all the parental complaints we’ve received, we do not allow open chat names that refer to mating/breeding/gender-specifics, as too many people have acted inappropriately in them.

You can find a list of words that are deemed acceptable for appropriate wolf pack roleplay in the following topic-

Thank you for your cooperation. :)


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