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How do I have pups?

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:21 pm
by Neamara
In the single player campaign, you must first find and bond with a dispersal wolf, making him or her your mate if you’re successful. You’ll then see a ‘To Slough Creek’ zone in Amethyst Mountain – this is marked as a star on your compass! Make your way to this zone in order to proceed to Slough Creek. As you progress through the missions in episode 2, you will eventually transition to spring and your pups will be born. Be sure to save frequently – just like real life, if you lose a pup to starvation or a predator, it’s gone!

In multiplayer, you can host or join a session which has the ‘Raise Pups’ game mode selected. This allows players to play the entire arc of the Slough Creek episode entirely in multiplayer. Players must co-operate and work together to ensure their pack’s survival. As before, progressing through missions will eventually transition to spring, bringing pups with it. Because we prohibit mates in the online experience, there are no defined parents – pups’ coats are generated according to the participating players’ coat selections.

Note: It is not possible to have pups in the free trial or demo edition as the game only includes the first episode: Amethyst Mountain. Pups are not born until the second episode: Slough Creek. Lost River is unsuitable for pack life. Pups cannot be born here due to the unsafe environment.