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How do I enter/where is the cattle ranch?

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:20 pm
by Neamara
The Cattle Ranch is an optional zone in Slough Creek. You won’t be able to access it in any other map, and it is only available in single player. On the compass, you’ll see a barbed wire fence icon after your pups have been born. This will take you to the north-eastern side of the creek, just above the words ‘Slough Creek’ on the map.

If food becomes scarce or if you’d like to hunt something other than hare and elk, you can visit this area to prey upon livestock at night.

The objective here is to locate the calf – you’ll want to avoid adult cows, otherwise you’ll be chased! – and kill it. While it provides food for yourself and your pups, it is not without its consequences if you overstay your welcome!