What are achievements and how do I earn them?

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What are achievements and how do I earn them?

Post by Neamara » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:28 pm

WolfQuest 2.7 introduces an in-game achievements system. You’ll need an internet connection to be able to create an account and/or login to an existing account. As you explore each map or fulfil specific criteria, you can unlock various achievements. Here’s a full list of what’s available:
  • Missions
    [*]Charmless - Get rejected by a potential mate.
    [*]Happy Together - Get a mate!
    [*]No Place Like Home - Choose a den.
    [*]It’s Mine, All Mine - Mark your territory in Slough Creek.
    [*]Because I Said So! - Finish training your pups.
    [*]Nobody Messes with Me - Finish defending your den.
    [*]Ready for a Journey - Finish feeding and growing your pups.
    [*]Survival of the Pack - Bring your pups to the rendezvous site.
    [*]That Was a Squeaker - Reach the rendezvous site with one pup, on Easy
    [*]& Then There Was One - Reach the rendezvous site with one pup, on Challenging
    [*]The Lucky One - Reach the rendezvous site with one pup, on Arduous
    [*]Last Pup Standing - Reach the rendezvous site with one pup, on Bring It On!
    [*]A Howling Success - Reach the rendezvous site with four pups, on Easy
    [*]Happily Ever After - Reach the rendezvous site with four pups, on Challenging
    [*]Through the Gauntlet - Reach the rendezvous site with four pups, on Arduous
    [*]Against All Odds - Reach the rendezvous site with four pups, on Bring It On!
    [*]One Big Happy Family - Multiplayer - Raise your pups and take them to the rendezvous site.
    [*]The Ranch Bandit - Kill the calf at the cattle ranch.
    [*]Bark Bark BANG! - Lose your life at the cattle ranch.
    [*]What Smells? - Use scent vision.
    [*]Natural Selection FTW - Kill 1 cow elk.
    [*]Thinning the Herd - Kill 10 cow elk.
    [*]Tired of Elk Meat - Kill 100 cow elk.
    [*]Bulls-Eye! - Kill 1 bull elk.
    [*]Matador - Kill 25 bull elk.
    [*]Teamwork - Multiplayer - Work with your pack to kill an elk.
    [*]Strength in Numbers - Multiplayer - Work with your pack to kill a bull elk.
    [*]A Tasty Morsel - Kill 1 hare.
    [*]I’m Hunting Wabbits! - Kill 10 hares.
    [*]The Hare Slayer - Kill 100 hares.
    [*]Coyote Killer - Kill 1 coyote.
    [*]Coyote Nemesis - Kill 10 coyotes.
    [*]Coyote Exterminator - Kill 100 coyotes.
    [*]Nervy - Chase away 1 grizzly bear.
    [*]Gutsy - Chase away 10 grizzly bears.
    [*]Fearless - Chase away 50 grizzly bears.
    [*]To the Skies - Chase away 1 eagle.
    [*]Eagle Eye - Chase away 10 eagles.
    [*]You’re Ill-Eagle! - Chase away 50 eagles.
    [*]Puppy Rescuer - Chase away 1 predator wolf.
    [*]Quick-Footed - Chase away 10 predator wolves.
    [*]Defender in Chief - Chase away 50 predator wolves.
    [*]A Mighty Wolf - Win 1 encounter with a stranger wolf.
    [*]Big Bad Wolf - Win 10 encounters with a stranger wolf.
    [*]King of the Hill - Win 50 encounters with a stranger wolf.
    [*]Secret Hideaway - Earn 7,500 experience points to unlock the secret den.
    [*]Fairest of Them All - Earn 15,000 experience points to unlock a pure white puppy.
    [*]Bad Parent - Lose a puppy to starvation.
    [*]Natural Selection Sucks - Lose a puppy to a predator.
    [*]An Error in Judgement - Lose your life to a grizzly bear.
    [*]Really Old Trees - Visit the Fossil Forest.
    [*]Scorched Land - Visit the Burn.
    [*]Hangin’ with the Druids - Visit the Druid pack’s territory.
    [*]A Fine Specimen - Visit the Specimen Ridge pack’s territory.
    [*]Slough Who? - Visit the Slough Creek pack’s territory.
    [*]Jack of All Territories - Visit all three stranger wolf territories in Amethyst Mountain.
    [*]Lose Something? - Find the boot on Amethyst Mountain.
    [*]Cold Ashes - Find the campfire on Amethyst Mountain.
    [*]Almost Pristine - Find all human traces on Amethyst Mountain.
    [*]Under the Broken Tree - Visit the Saddle Meadows den.
    [*]Just a Pile of Rocks - Visit the Aspen Heights den.
    [*]Under the Fir Tree - Visit the Bison Peak Cutoff den.
    [*]Just Being Thorough - Visit all three den sites before choosing one.
    [*]Smelly Leather - Find the boot in Slough Creek.
    [*]Ring of Fire - Find the campfire in Slough Creek.
    [*]Rolling, Rolling, Rolling - Find the wagon wheel in Slough Creek.
    [*]They Went Thataway - Find the trail sign in Slough Creek.
    [*]Boots Made for Walking - Find the bootprints in Slough Creek.
    [*]Seen It All - Find all human traces in Slough Creek.
    [*]Eye in the Sky - Visit the Lost River fire tower.
    [*]A Spot of Comfort - Find the old sofa in Lost River.
    [*]Home on the Range - Visit the abandoned camper in Lost River.
    [*]Unauthorized - Visit the locked Gate in Lost River.
    [*]The Two-Step - Visit the Lost River waterfall viewpoint.
    [*]Tanks for the View - Get a good view of downtown and Hank’s Ditch.
    [*]Where’s the Other? - Find the boot in Lost River.
    [*]Ashes to Ashes - Find the campfire in Lost River.
    [*]Dizzy - Ride the Twister in Lost River.
    [*]No Exit - Try to find a way out of Lost River.
    [*]Roof and Four Walls - Sit in a home of your own.
    [*]Drainage - Visit the sewer drainage in Lost River.
    [*]Grand Tour - Find all the achievements in Lost River.


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