Cougars and Bison in 2.5?

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Cougars and Bison in 2.5?

Post by WQ Coordinator » Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:07 am

Regardless of multiple posts and topics, as well as all the helpful moderators and members trying to make things more clear, the question keeps coming up- will there be bison and cougars in 2.5? The short answer to this question is no, there will not be any new animals in Episode 2.5. When we ran the design contest, we asked for multiple ideas, then had you, the WolfQuest players and forumgoers, vote on which idea should be added to the game. The winning idea was weather and time, so the other Big Ideas will not be added to the game unless a significant amount of new funding becomes available. There will be multiple Game Enhancements added, including the ability to sit and lie down, as well as an option to chat using preset phrases (to avoid inappropriate chat), but any additional game enhancements would only be added if more funding becomes available.

I won't allow replies to this topic because I want the answer to be clear and straightforward... you can continue commenting on the previous 2.5 update topic.
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