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Frequently asked questions about and support for version 2.7 (and newer).
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New features!

Post by loboLoco » Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:34 pm

WolfQuest 2.7 includes all gameplay and features from the original (v2.5) game, plus substantial improvements and expansions, including:

  • • User accounts with achievements, friends lists, packs, and messaging.
Wolf Avatar:
  • • Furry coats on all wolves
    • Ten new coat colors (based on two realworld Yellowstone packs)
    • Ten injured coats (using new coats from Yellowstone packs)
    • Seven new howls
    • Other special customizations: radio collar, injured ears, injured leg, and more
    • New emotes and emotes interface: Growl, whine, tail up, ears forward, grin, tail under and avert gaze
Main Gameplay:
  • • Difficulty levels determine frequency of elk carcasses and degree of challenge of raising and protecting pups.
    • Elk and wolf scent is affected by wind direction, so players must pay attention to wind to find scent trails and to approach elk from downwind.
    • Bull elk and strong female elk stand and defend themselves rather than fleeing.
    • Dispersal wolves (potential mates) become available based on player XP.
    • Grizzly bears can sometimes be chased off of carcasses. Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?
    * Emotes to express yourself to your packmates.
    • Hundreds of bugfixes, including puppy-coat color inheritance, getting stuck near water, elk health bar displays, and private game unreliability.
New Animals:
  • • Cougars roaming the wilderness, feeding on carcasses, and lounging on rocks
    • Foxes roaming the wilderness and mousing
    • Ravens feeding on carcasses
    * Moose roam the woods and floodplains, presenting special challenge for hunting wolves.
  • • Improved AI behaviors for all animals
    • Elk and AI wolves are smarter about avoiding obstacles
  • • More ambient sounds (distant wolf packs howling, Dawn Chorus of birds at dawn, frogs in Slough Creek springtime, distant elk bugling in Amethyst, and more)
    • Greatly enhanced 3D environments, especially on Mac/Windows versions
  • • Multiplayer switched to Photon back-end for more robust MP sessions.
    • Slough Creek co-op mission: up to five players can play as parent and older offspring. Includes the entire arc of this level, from finding a den to the final journey to the Rendezvous site.
    • Private games have voice chat and text chat (filtered only through naughty words list)
    • Up to eight players in multiplayer games (five on mobile platforms)
New Map:
  • • A new map, "Lost River," to explore in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes
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