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Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:17 pm
by WolfHeart12
Don't know if this topic has been started before, but I thought it'd be a fun topic to start. So what was your best or amazing Experience with a wild animal? Swimming with wild dolphins? Feeding a raccon? Or something else interesting? ! have two awesome ones (one includes a wolf) >.<

This one time I was in this Provincial Park walking around some trails in mid-spring and some mother deer with her fawn about two weeks old hopped out of the bush and stared at me. I stood there quiet as the mother stared at me with her fawn between her legs. She gave this awkward snort and started eating near the side of the trail (probably used to people with all the people that visit and feed them there). I happened to have a sandwich with me and I gave them my sandwich. I couldn't get close enough to feed them so I threw the sandwich at them and they ate it together. It was so cute ^.^!!! After I ran back to the campsite where i was staying with family friends and told them about it, when we went to see them they were gone, so I had no proff unfortunatley.

This other time I was walking around in Ontario in late summer with my friend at her Aunt's cabin. We were walking around near the water's edge of the lake when we came across this Buck with GIANT antlers wading in the shallow water about halfways up it's body (above the legs). But then it bolted away as we walked a bit. me and my friend were so scared, we thought it was gonna attack us. and I'm not lyeing when I say it was BIG!!!

One time I was camping out on this lake with my dad. there was an island in the middle of the lake we set up camp. Just before it got totaly dark me, my little sister and my dad were eating some cooked fish we caught that day with the portable small barbeque and I saw these two figures pop out of the bush on the mainland. I told my dad to get the benoculairs and we saw a wolf pair start to make their way along the lake side. I started to get all hyper and happy (because I love wolves to death) as they walked around, thank godness they didn't hear me. As they got closer i didn't need the benocilars to see them anymore and just before it got to dark to see anything they started to howl together. It was breath taking! Their voices were so beautiful and breath taking. About a half an hour later they left into the forest again and we heard them sometimes with other wolves during the night as we slept in the tent. Best day ever!!!!!

Those where my most remembered experiences, actually really recent within the past five years. I kinda know when this happened because I tell by when I would go back to school or what I was doing in school around that time. I've had a lot more but these were the best. So what were yours?

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:52 pm
by paperpaws
I am sooo jealous to hear about your wolf interaction. It sounds great to live in an area with a lot of interesting wildlife. We do have deer here; so that's always fun. Never seen a fawn, though!

Anyway, me and my parents were walking on this hill in... either England or France, pretty awful that I can't entirely remember... Anyway; I was just calmly walking on and out of nowhere there was a rustling, the sound of hooves and the flash of a tan pelt right in front of me while a wind gust passed me as well. I was extremely startled and kind of squeaked and jumped and when I looked to the left I saw a pretty big cervidae run up the hill. The creature ran so close past me, that was a pretty memorable experience (though pretty scary to think what would have happened if I was walking any bit faster! ^^;)

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:22 pm
by Edme1
I haven't had too many close-up experiences with wild animals, but there was the one time when I almost ran into a wild turkey... >.< And, once, there was a baby bird abandoned in our yard, so Igot to very carefully push it away so our dog didn't get it. :?

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:59 am
by Redwalker
Once i saved a chipmunk from my neighbors cat!!

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:32 pm
by shadowwolf2234
That wolf story is awesome, I've never seen a wild wolf in the wild, so that must of been incredible.
I've got a couple both involving kayaking:)

I was kayaking in an inter-coastal near my house, I stopped paddling and took a short break, I looked to my right and a manatee was surfaced there just staring at me with his big eyes. We had a stare off for about a minute before he went back down, he ended up following me all the way through my little trip. I'm use to manatees coming up to me when I kayak, but I've never had one just float there and stare at me, then follow me around.

I also had a pretty scary encounter with an adult alligator. I was kayaking down the middle of a river and was going through a bend where it got fairly thin. All of a sudden a pretty big gator jumped from the shore into the water, it surfaced near me just watching, then went under again and bumped the underside of my kayak. I pretty much went into fifth gear and jetted out of there, I don't kayak in that river anymore :P

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:05 pm
by Selize
I have only had a few cool interactions with wild animals. Let me see x3....

Once, I was visiting family in Florida and we were swimming around near a sand bar. Then a felt a leathery feel against my leg. When I looked down it was a big, gray blob. Naturally, I thought it was a shark and I screamed but then I realized it was too slow. It was a manatee! She was followed my about 10 more of them. I thought they were a herd but then they started mating O_o. It was a very cool experience! And yes, I realize it is illegal to touch a manatee in Florida but it approached us first xP.

There was another time when I went hiking in Washington with some friends and we were going up this small mountain or tall hill (xD) and we noticed a big paw print in the dirt. It was too big to be a wolf and too small to be a bear. We decided it was a mountain lion and we all sort of started getting jittery e-e. Luckily, we were never spotted by it but we did hear it make a yip or howl of some sort xD. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time!

Yeah, that's all I got ;). You guys all have really cool stories >.>

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Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:05 pm
by -Alaska-
I have a few... actually,
Once, when we were camping, we were sitting outside, and suddenly a bear head popped out of the garbage can a few sites away from ours. It was so cool! Then it crawled out of the dumpster, and started walking toward our campsite, so we went inside the camper and watched it walk around. (It was huge, by the way :D)

Another time when we were camping, we were eating and suddenly we heard a wolf howling, and so I decided to howl as well, and it responded to me.

Then, another time, I was sleeping, and I woke up to hear a wolf howl, then more joined it, and they just continued to howl. Afterwords, I heard an odd noise, like a deer call or something, and a thump, so I was guessing that they must have killed a deer or something else.


My friend came over to our house during winter, and we decided to go outside to a frozen pond that always forms at our house in winter. As we were walking I saw a pile of snow, and something brown sitting under it. So we went over, and uncovered the snow, seeing half of a mink laying under it. Also, there was some fur laying around it. So we took some pictures, and went inside. The next morning, we went back out and saw the mink was gone, and there was wolf tracks leading to it & away from it. It was so cool.

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:00 am
by treefrogbc
I don't have super exiting stories but here are a few anyways:
-A seagull ran up to me while I was sitting In some grass eating a sandwich and it robbed it >:O.
-A deer was laying on the side of a trail and when she saw my family and I, she left.
-I saw a skunk running around on the side of the road.
-A coyote ran in front of our school bus.
-I saw three coyotes running around in a field.
- I also saw some coyotes on the side of the road sitting down together
Ohh here's a good story actually!:My sister,her friend and I where fooling around outside at night then a huge raccoon was watching us on our fence.It freaked us out so badly, we screamed and ran up on the porch. He just sat there and watched us with no reaction XD. I grabbed my camera and took a picture of it. Then, he slowly walked away.

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:46 pm
by Croix
My grandfather used to work for a nearby wildlife park many years ago, so I was lucky enough to get in early in the morning before the recreational part of the park was open to the public. On one of the playgrounds there had many crab apple trees growing just before the edge of the treeline, so deer would come out at all times of the day to snack on them. Eventually they became so used to people there they would accept being hand-fed the apples and pieces of bread or casually graze next to the playground. Basically, I would always get to go early in the morning to feed and pet them by myself, I really enjoyed it. Especially when there were little fawns with their mothers.

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:41 pm
by Sambhur
I think I've had quite a few good experiences with wild animals, but my favourite one would have to be with a pair of laughing kookaburras. C: So the first time, I was just outside, taking photos of birds and things, when a kookaburra landed on a tree beside me. I walked up closer to it to get a few good pictures, and noticed that it didn't really move. My grandmother suggested that I try feeding it, so she got me some minced meat and I placed it near the kookaburra on the same branch it was on. She took her time, but eventually she ate the food. Over a few months I would see this kookaburra occasionally and would give her food each time, until one day she decided to take it straight from my hand! These days, she visits my backyard every once in a while with another kookaburra, a male, and we feed them both a few pieces of meat, although only the female takes it from my hand. It's amazing being able to feed them, and thankfully they have made sure to still get food for themselves a lot more often than we feed them. What's even better is that the other day, we spotted them trying to make a nest in one of the big palm trees in our backyard. :D

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:25 pm
by FireWolf5
I had a pretty cool experience with a wild animal (actually, it was two animals) at the beginning of summer break. My parents and I were on our trip to Maine and were driving out to one of the resturaunts in a pretty remote area, when a fox darts out in front of the car. We stop fast enough so it didn't get hit, but we noticed two fox kits on the other side of the road. They didn't even notice us for some time, and they were just play wrestling and running around along the edge of the woods. I got a video around one or two minutes long of them playing before they left ran just a short way into the woods, where I couldn't see them very well. It was just ol to watch them for a couple minutes and get a video of them. They were really cute :mrgreen:

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 7:23 pm
by Redwalker
All of my wild animal stories are lame....

once I almost stepped on a snake while I was walking backward and it didn't bite that was nice...

My aunt has a good one...OK

My aunt was driving in the middle of the night, and she hit a deer that was passing by in the street. :(accidentaly) was a doe and she was pregnant....So my aunt called a vet or something because the deer had started to give birth! the baby was alright, but the mom died:(

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:09 am
by wolf 1176
i was on vacation in loisiana and i was getting my parents mail then i heard a rattle i turned a foot away from me was a rattle snake i knew it was poisonos so i backed away and ran to my parents

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:00 pm
by Tapir
A wolf encounter? Luckyyy.

The best experience with a wild animal is when I was in Australia. My grandparents live (way) out in the middle of no where in Australia and they feed all of the native birds there on their porch. So there is this one bird, it had pinkish white feathers and it was very pretty. It would always come to their house at around 7:00 AM. My grandparents were early risers so they always used to get up to feed them. Anyway, I went out there at 7 o' clock and just sat down, watching it.
Then it flew over to me and landed a few feet away from me. The bird was pretty big, actually. I fed it until like lunch, the bird was almost like a pet.

Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:44 pm
by Legendary-Taco
Well, I can't say I can choose one best experience. There are three experiences that rank pretty high. The first was when I was going to catch the bus. I open the door and I see two does (female deer) not too far away. I was hesitant to wait for the school bus, but I did, and the two deer just strolled about, eventually going across the road and into the woods. It was interesting, considering they were rather close. The second one was when I was returning home on the bus, we went over the bridge that was over a lake, as per usual, and I saw three bald eagles, which I believe were catching fish. They flew close to the side of the bus and I got a good view. The third was when a friend and I were on the pontoon boat at my house and we saw a bald eagle flying overhead - quite a beautiful sight.