Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

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Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Post by Silvy_Courage » Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:44 am

We don't have much wildlife where I live, so this story is very short.

I used to always feed the squirrels in a certain area. I had been feeding them for months, and they began to become tame. I actually named them after their appearance/personality. There where 6 squirrels - One-eye, Shyer, Cheeky, Muddy-nose, Thin-tail, and Tamer. Tamer was my favourite, since she always came back. I could always tell who she was, even though she looked the same as any other squirrel. She was so tame, she walked past my dog, who never bothered to chase them, just stared at the nut.
So, I was feeding her once, and she seemed to take the nut out of my hand like she always did, and then she just sat in the same place and ate it. So I was basically sitting next to a squirrel.

Yeah not much wildlife here don't judge me.

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Re: Your Best Experience With A Wild Animal?

Post by liam123hynes » Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:08 pm

One time, when I was at Starve Rock State Park Illinois. So anyway, I got to see a fox mother and her kits. :mrgreen: It was so cool!

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