Wolf Population in Washington Increases for 9 Years Straight

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Wolf Population in Washington Increases for 9 Years Straight

Post by Isela » Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:31 pm

Abstract from wdfw.wa.gov (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife):
OLYMPIA – Washington’s wolf population continued to grow in 2017 for the ninth straight year, according to the results of an annual survey conducted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).

The state was home to at least 122 wolves, 22 packs, and 14 successful breeding pairs, based on field surveys conducted over the winter by state, tribal, and federal wildlife managers.
Full article here: https://wdfw.wa.gov/news/mar1618a/
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Re: Wolf Population in Washington Increases for 9 Years Stra

Post by ForeverEverest » Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:22 am

Nice, I like it when animal numbers increase or make a comeback. A lot of predators these days seem to struggle with territory, due to people taking all the land. It's nice to hear that wolves are doing well.
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