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SilverMist Pack - New and Accepting

Post by RQuasar » Sat Aug 13, 2016 7:36 pm

Welcome to the SilverMist Pack
Hello! My name is Aspen(RQuasar), the Alpha female
of the pack. I welcome you to our new wolf pack,
The SilverMist Pack, which is mainly roleplay based.
We hope to make a large closeknit community, one
where everyone feels comfortable and welcome,
whether they're a new or senior member.

This may be a back explanation, but our website will
be more in depth!
Member Information;
-------------------------------------Member Count; 2
-------------------------------------Male Members; 1
-------------------------------------Female Members; 1
-------------------------------------Newest Member; Aspen
-------------------------------------Pack Website/HQ;
-------------------------------------Pack Forums;
How to Join;
Read our Rules
I didn't post these here as well simply because they're
a little long and easier to read on our website.
Fill Out the Form
Simple enough, copy, fill out, paste!
Send your form!
You may email me at
(my pack only email), post your form here on the
packs WQ thread, or PM me your form here on WolfQuest,
it doesn't matter how you contact me, though email
will be quickest response ALWAYS!

Allies and Rivals;


Alpha WQ User;
Pack Name:
Thread Link:
Website Link:
Ally or Rival?:

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Re: SilverMist Pack - New and Accepting

Post by valkea » Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:23 pm

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