Get the Game: WolfQuest Version 2.5.1

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Get the Game: WolfQuest Version 2.5.1

Post by Neamara » Sat Jan 02, 2021 10:43 am

If you're looking to experience or revisit WolfQuest 2.5.1, its download page is still available.
This thread was created solely to point people to the legacy version download page hosted by as it no longer seems to be possible to reach it anymore following the website's redesign. The link remains in use over on the WolfQuest Wiki Fandom's navigation bar, so it was easy enough to retrieve.
This build -- released in October 2011 -- is the free version officially distributed by the WolfQuest Team back in the day. Due to the age of the Unity engine this build runs on, there are no guarantees that it will run on every modern operating system. Even if it does, there may be compatibility issues or graphical artifacts on modern hardware/drivers.

Browse the contents of the WolfQuest 2.5 FAQ subforums for support questions and common solutions to problems. Please be aware of the following:
  • Support for this version is extremely limited nowadays.
  • Please don't report bugs and glitches found in this build. They will not be fixed. 2.5.1 was officially retired and reached its end-of-life when 2.7 released back in 2015.
    • Known Bugs
    • Planes of water may cause the player to walk on air in certain locations of the game world.
      • On-land water logic in certain areas of Slough Creek.
    • The creek will occasionally cause graphical freezes. The game appears frozen, but audio will still play normally. This resolves itself when the player is able to navigate themself out of the creek.
    • Difficulty getting out of the creek in some areas of the river.
    • Players' corpses in Amethyst Mountain do not despawn; affects both single player and multiplayer.
      • This bug also makes it impossible to save if death occurs in a social arena or at seemingly random intervals.
    • Non-functional coat algorithm always results in four brown "default" pups, no matter what you and your mate's pelt colours.
    • Scent vision no longer displays the scent information.
This known bugs list is a player-written account sourced from

It's worth noting that these issues were fixed in 2.7.X's run. If you can afford the game, or are able to win a copy from the WolfQuest Team's monthly contests, it's definitely a better experience overall.


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