How to gain experience points

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How to gain experience points

Post by Masika » Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:13 am

(I had an older guide of this, though I've thought that it would be better the remove and re-vamp it so it may be posted here).

Alright, considering there are quite a lot of people who are having trouble gaining experience points, specifically for the prizes within Slough Creek. I decided to create this sort of guide so you'll be able to pick the best sort of way you wish to gain experience points.

Here are the total experience points you earn when doing specific activities in the game;

Both Amethyst Mountain & Slough Creek:
  • Killing Hare: 10 pts
    Killing Coyote: 25 pts
    Killing Cow Elk: 100 pts
    Killing Bull Elk: 475 pts
    Chasing off a bear: 10pts
Exclusive to Amethyst Mountain:

Stranger Wolves:
  • Amethyst Mountain:
    Speclmen Male (Black) ~ 750
    Speclmen Female ~ 750
    Speclmen Male (Grey) ~ 700

    Soda Butte Vista:
    Druld Male ~ 1200
    Druld Female ~ 1114

    Grassy Plain:
    Slough Female ~ 650
    Slough Male (Black) ~ 650
    Slough Male (Brown) ~ 650
    Slough Male (Grey) ~ 650
Exclusive to Slough Creek:
  • Chasing Off the Eagle: 10pts
    Training Pups: 10pts
    Feeding Pups: 10pts
    Marking territory: 10 pts
    Marking territory (Howling): 5pts
Stranger Wolves:
  • Druid Male (Black + Submissive): 1700pts
    (Rest of the wolves tbd)
Now you have those amounts, do you think you can come up with a way fast enough to gain? If you aren't keen on gaining experience by doing most of these speicfic things then, there is a glitch which is the fastest way to gain experience points. Here are the directions on how do this glitch:
  • - Walk up to a Stranger Wolf
    - Be sure to make it submit and run away
    - Just before the screen displays something like 'I'm out of here' press 'esc'
    - Goto your Pack Stats and watch your experience points zoom up!
However, with all glitches there comes an issue. If this glitch is used to a specific length of time or to a certain amount of experience points, your game is at a high risk of crashing. It can possibly affect your game all together. Please note that you will be using this glitch at your own risk.

Thank you for reading, Happy WolfQuesting!
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