User Guide Rules and Guide Index

This section is for User Guides relating to the WQ Game. Read the User Guide Rules and Guide Index before posting.

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Read the User Guide Rules and Guide Index before posting.
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User Guide Rules and Guide Index

Post by WQ Coordinator » Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:42 pm

While posting or reading User Guides, please follow the rules below:
  • All Guides must follow the Forum Guidelines.
  • No guides will be accepted that explain something already in the WolfQuest FAQ or have a similar theme to a WolfQuest FAQ topic that do not reference (with link) the official answer in that WolfQuest FAQ topic.
  • All guides must be clear and concise with a theme clearly explained in the title. (For example- "How to make your wolf jump over a rock" or "How to keep all four pups alive in Slough Creek".)
  • Pictures and videos are allowed to accompany the guide- if you'd like to have a picture attached to your guide rather than just posting the link, please PM one of the moderators listed for this forum with a link to the picture and the link of your guide and they can post the image for you.
If your guide does not follow these rules, it will be removed from this forum and you may receive a warning. If you have questions about your guide, please post your question here before posting your guide. If you have questions about a guide already posted by someone else, please feel free to contact the original author via PM. If you post a guide that is similar to someone else's, it may be merged with their guide or deleted.

User Guide Index
Here is a list of links to the various guides in this forum, all sorted by topic. We will try to update this regularly, but there is no guarantee it will always be up-to-date.

The Forum
  • Non-English guides and translations
    Avatars and Signatures Guide
    Problems With Your Signature?
    A Guide to Poll Creation and Voting
    How to make GIFs from media as personal avatars
    Tips on How To Aviod Looking Like a N00b on the Forums
    Making The Most Out of ‘General Discussion’ Topics – A Guide
    A Way to Edit Posts Without Buttons
    Guide to Pack Creation and Success
    How To Post Here: |Guide| Posts That Seek Help
    Nowhere is Safe -- A Guide to Internet Safety
    Internet explorer cannot display this webpage - Guide to fix
    Technical Stuff for Writers & Tips/Common Mistakes Guide
    A Guide to Text Gradients
    Google Chrome Glitches When Posting Something
    Identifying & What to do - Spambots
    Guide To General Posting I ~ The Posting Screen
    Ways to help around the forum
    Guide: Preventing Accidental Double-Posting
    How to Find Your Friends
    How to get started: for new members of the forums
    Issues with Editing Posts: The Problem and Solution
    Guide to Advanced BBcode
    Using the Search Feature - Guide
    The Guide to Giving Accurate Information
The Game
  • Full Guides for WolfQuest Game
    WolfQuest - SC Guide to Completely New Dens
    The Ultimate Guide to Scent-View Mode
    How to take a Screen Shot of your Computer Screen
    Coat Colors: Decoded
    Pup Transportation
    10 Tips for Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek
    •~• SwiftHelp! •~• Realistic Gaming •~•
    Missing Buttons - WQ Main Menu solution
    How to successfully hunt
    A guide for realistic multi-player roleplaying
    Tips on fending off eagles, coyotes, and bears
    the 2.5 guide
    The Guide to Boredom
    Getting A "" Error?
    How to Keep your WolfQuest Game Going on Forever!
    How to Have a Happy Healthy Pack
    The Guide to Glitches(How to do them or get rid of them)
    Multiplayer Game Tips
    For Brazilians-Para brasileiros
    Multiplayer - Connection Tips and Crashing
    Cattle Ranch/Night Mission Guide. :D
    Why can't I save my game? ─ Problem solved
    General Singleplayer Mate Tips
    Guide to Rivers in SC
    WolfQuest Extra Missions and Controls
    Slough Creek Guide - How to keep all four pups alive!
    How To Deal with Multiplayer Members
    The Ultimate Guide to the Final Mission
    How to Find Your Output Log for Windows OS
    An in-depth guide to signs of an outdated graphics card
    How to gain experience points
    Factual FAQ & Mission Assistance
    Saving Problems? Multiple wolf corpses? Read on.
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