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The guide to finding & choosing your perfect pack!

Post by Adalae » Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:34 pm

There are many packs out there in Pack Central, and each and every one of them loves to find new members and create new memories with these new members. This guide is one to choose your own perfect pack that fits your needs, interests, and wants. If all fails you can also create your own pack, although that is not what this thread is about.

First, let's start off with different places around the forum you can check to find a certain pack.

  • Search around the Pack Central Forums - This is, most likely by far, the way most community members discover different packs. All they do is go to the Pack Central forum and look through the pages to find an interesting pack that they find intriguing...
* Pack Central Forums:
  • Look through the 'Advertise Your Pack!' thread - The 'Advertise Your Pack!' thread is a thread where users that own packs to advertise them on the thread. Each post includes basic information such as rules, fun activities, the thread link, etc. Feel free to go back through previous pages instead of just looking through the most recent one!
* Advertise Your Pack Thread:
  • Keep an eye out for signatures! - Sometimes members post the names of their packs & links to the pack thread in their forum signature! You can always keep a look out for a certain pack that may catch your interest!
Now, let's go to what to look for in a pack!
  • Look for one that meets your interests - If you like RolePlaying, search for a pack that does a lot of RolePlaying! If you like special and frequent contests, check for those! If you're not sure if the pack will meet your interests, or if it is right for you, send a PM to a member and ask what they like & dislike about the pack!
  • An organized first post - An organized first post means an organized pack! Almost always check the first post to see if you understand the post & the order.
  • Pretty colors - I always look to see if the first post is pretty and not clashing. This can sometimes show the creativeness of the pack and how much they actually care about the pack appearance!
  • Activeness - See if the pack posts a lot by going to the most recent pages. See what they're talking about and how often they post. Normally you want a pack that is as active as you are so you can keep up!
  • Unique - Don't choose a copy-cat pack! Choose one that is unique and has many unique activities.
If you want to join a pack, make sure to check the requirements and see if you can actually join the pack and be accepted!

If you have any suggestions to add to the post feel free to send a PM so I can possibly edit it (= Thanks!
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Pack Ranks Help

Post by Sparkles_Wolf » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:29 am

Hello there!
If you feel like making a pack and you are not sure of the ranks, check this thread.

Part 1; All of the ranks for a pack:

Alphas: The strongest, bravest, smartest, leaders of the pack, those who help, order, contribute pretty much, organize the pack. They are known to be active & faithful to the members, but they don't have too much trust on the lowest ranks.

Betas: The second smartest, bravest, assistants of the alphas, they contribute to the alpha's job when they aren't around. They are known to be active and faithful to the members, but they don't have too much trust on the lowest ranks.

Elders: The most intelligent wolves of the pack, known as older wolves, they might be called teachers or story-tellers. They are known to get a lot of respect from the others, since they save a lot of stories and happenings while in the pack past. They are active and faithful to everyone.

Healers: They are known to be intelligent by herbs of different species. They heal not by mystical powers, just with creating cures with herbs. They are smart, swift in mind and faithful to the rest of the members.

Warriors: They are the strongest of the pack, swiftest, pretty well known to the pack. They protect the pack from the predators surrounding the territory. They get a lot of respect from the pack.

Sentinels: The guards of the pack, they watch the surroundings of each part of the territory, and they just tell news to the alphas and betas about the pack members or the prey. They also watch the pups even if the alphas are there.

Hunters: They hunt for the pack, the bravest, strongest also, swiftest from the pack. They know pretty well about the prey, and hunt down expensive animals.

Scouts: Mostly called messengers or spies. They stalk other packs and pretty most messengers. They help a lot with the pack news incluiding the sentinels.

Pups: The youngest of the pack, they could be teens and younger. They get a lot of respect since they are the future of the pack.

Apprentices: These wolves are known to come from the newcomer rank. They are learning about their rank, or the haywire working wolves, return to this rank.

Newcomers: The newest of the pack. They will have to wait here for their rank, being the most active possible.

Omegas: The "lowest of the low". These are known to be the general helpers of the pack, but they don't get that respect.
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Pack Topic Format Suggestion-New Members Come!

Post by Meadow125 » Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:02 am

Welcome. I have created this topic due to the fact that I have seen very many locked topics by Newborn Wolves or Pups that say something like,

Join Form
Wolf Name:

Please join.

Those seem to be constantly around Pack Centeral, so I contected Cana & got her permission, and now the topic is here. This is what most pack topics look like. Using this standard "format" for your pack will help decrease the chance that your pack topic is locked. If you would like to quote a portion of your pack on this page, send me a PM. Anyway, without further ado-

This is where you should put your pack name in large, fancy text. For ways to put Alphabets and some you can copy & paste letter for letter, go here
These are a few examples-
Shunkuhua Cimarron Pack wrote:รհսռĸհսձ ƈiოოձггօռ թձƈĸ
Here is where you should state a description. It should include what members will do in your pack, why it was created, what the name means, the point of joining, etc. Make sure it will draw members in, making them want to join. Like this-
Shunkuhua Cimarron Pack wrote:Welcome to the Shunkuhua Cimarron Pack!! In this pack, we do multiplayer games once a week, we have an extremely active topic, and a very good community of members willing to help each other out. Please consider joining a group below, and have a good time at our topic.
Next part is hard-Rules. With rules, you must think up anything someone may do, write how long you must stay in the pack after joining, if you get some kind of "strike" if you break them, what happens if you get 3 strikes, etc. Do not make your rules harsh, or people won't want to join your pack. In the center rule, you may want to enclose a rule like, The password is ... so people will have to enter whatever is there, guarunteeing they read your rules. No examples here.

Next Part is fun-Pack Key! This includes symbols that repersent things, like, sorry, I won't be able to log in for a while, and symbols that repersent your ranks (ranks are next), symbols repersenting how active you are, etc. Here is another from the Shunkuhua Cimarron Pack.
Shunkuhua Cimarron Pack wrote:Pack Symbols
✪ = Pack Signature-Post at the end of anything important!
♣ = Symbol of the Alpha (see Ranks)
♥ = Symbol of the Beta (see Ranks)
★ = Symbol of the Omega (see Ranks)
ஐ = Symbol of the Okaio (see Ranks)
☀ = Symbol of the Pup (see Ranks)
☯ = Symbol of the Parent (see Ranks)
Ӂ = Symbol of the Kiadoshinogu
♨ = Symbol of the Wilujog
Ѽ = Symbol of the Sikuu
✧ = I won't be able to log in for awhile.
☮ = Friend of Pack
☼ = Newbie to Pack
۩ = 1 Quligu
۞ = Seal of Trust
= Inactive
= Slightly Active
= Reasonably Active
= Active
= Very Active
= Super Active
= Amazingly, Supremely, AWESOMELY Active!!!
∆ = Well known in Pack
Ω = Pack Honor Badge
◊ = Early Pack Member
§ = Pack Admin (see pack dictionary at bottom)
¥ = Friend Pack Ambassador (see pack dictionary at bottom)
∞ = Group Ambassador (see pack dictionary at bottom)
∞♣ = Alpha Ambassador (see pack dictionary at bottom)
∞♥ = Beta Ambassador (see pack dictionary at bottom)
∞★ = Omega Ambassador (see pack dictionary at bottom)[/color]
Again, here is the link to the page with all the symbols & fancy text-

Now for a list of members & ranks. This you should do your own way, but I'm going to add some examples soon.

This part is optional- a point system. Get points for posting or entering/winning contests.
Shunkuhua Cimarron Pack wrote:Quligu (۩) Bank
What are Quligu?
Quligu are a point system we have.
How do I get a Quligu?
You earn a Quligu (represented by ۩) by doing something for the pack.
List of ways to earn Quligu
Post on our topic - Worth ۩
Start a new group - Worth ۩۩۩۩۩
Refer a new member to our pack - ۩۩
Other - ?
List of Ways to Loose Quligu
Break a Rule - MINUS ۩۩۩
Get 3 Strikes - MINUS ۩۩۩۩۩
Something REALLY BAD - MINUS ۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩۩ (+ about 100000000000000000000000000 more)
Next have a contest area, only if you want. Be sure to have a set of rules and a form for this.
Shunkuhua Cimarron Pack wrote:Contests
Mascot Contest!
  • No copying others work. This includes getting photos off the internet that don't have something like Free to Public Use or something similar.
    Nothing generally violating wq rules will be allowed.
    Wolf Mascots ONLY.
    Have fun. This contest is meant to be fun, not a hard core competition.
Breaking any of these rules will result in a strike, and being disqualified from this contest.
Winners will receive recognition for their work and 10 Quligu.

Code: Select all

Name of Mascot:
Link to photo:
2 weeks after 2 entries have been posted, I will divide the number of votes by 3, then take the top # and one random entry, then pick my favorite. That will be the new mascot!
Name will be featured on poll and link will be posted here.
Mica by Forest125- ... n-parakeet
Next are forms and ally/friend lists.
A join form comes first. If your pack isn't big on multiplayer games, don't include info about what your wolf is like. It should include activity readings, so you know how active your pack will be. Make sure to push Code (it's at the top) so yuour members can fill out your form easily. Something like these-
Shunkuhua Cimarron Pack wrote:Username:
Wolf Name:
Wolf Gender:
Wolf Fur Color:
Picture of wolf:
Rank Wanted (after training as pup completed):
Job Wanted (after training as pup completed):
Hunting Position Wanted (after training as pup completed):
Why do you want to join?
Did someone refer you to this pack?
Did someone refer you to this group?
Now, an ally/rival form where other packs can "befriend" your pack. Some packs have allys & rivals, some packs just have allys.
Shunkuhua Cimarron Pack wrote:Pack Name:
Now you can have a friend form, for members that aren't totally members, a little less active than other members. This is optional. Sorry, no examples.

That's the end. Remember-
Do not plagerize quotes from here.
Read the Pack Centeral F.A.Q.
Here are some helpful links-
Symbols & Letters -
Pack Centeral F.A.Q. -
Coloring Text Guide -
Guide to BBcode -
Advertise your Pack Here -
Avvie © me

Shunkuhua Cimarron Pack

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Guide to Pack Creation and Success

Post by 1BitJay » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:56 am

*Dont Lock Yet*

The Complete Guide to Leading Your Pack to Success: ~JayMist

>>(C) Ideas --JayMist--

>> Soon will add forms for free use!

There are many packs out there. Some are popular. Some are not. Many close down due to failure. While others succeed with interesting activities and plots. Many people just don't know how to lead a pack. Well, do you need help? Continue Reading...

---------TABLE OF CONTENTS----------
How to Get Started from Scratch
How to Start a Complete Makeover
Reasons for Closure
Reasons for Success
Free Idea Use
*More Add-On Later*


Step1) Choose your Theme

*The theme is the main description of your pack. It is the type of pack it is. The themes can be based off of anything. It can be based of the military or the changing of seasons.*

•African Plains

Step 2) Choose the Name

*The names can be difficult. But, it just takes some imagination. Base the name off of your theme. 
For example: Lets say your theme is Military. Its name could be Divined Militia or Codename Shadow.*

** Be sure not to steal names from a Pack.**

Step 3) Create the Baseline.

*Choose the ranks, symbols and description of your pack.*

>>Rank Help: 

Note that you do not have to use those ranks.

Step 4) Make your Front Post.

*Making your front post is easy. But for some, it may be hard. My suggestion is that go to some shops in Avatar and Graphics. Some by which will create it for you.*


When dealing with inactiveness or getting bored of things, you might have to brighten up a few things. You might need to change a lot of things to attract potential members. But, here are some things to do to start your makeover.

Be sure to alert your members. Post the  new advancements on your topic. That ensures that they are notified of any changes. You need to make sure ALL of your members know.

Make a list of what needs to be changed. It gives you a starting point. You, as a leader, should involve the pack in the makeover. It should be exciting, not stressful.


There are many reasons a pack might close down. Here is a list of a few.

•Not Following Forum Guidelines
•Leader Leaves


There are many reasons that a pack might succeed. Here is a quote from a moderator with a very active pack that started a few years ago.

To me, having a successful pack all comes down to one word: Dedication. You must be dedicated to your pack, and not give up. If you make a pack and want it to be successful, you must be dedicated and stick with it through everything. All packs fall into activity "rutts" as I call them, and not all of them are able to get out. Without dedication, your pack will go nowhere. If a leader is slacking the members will too. Why would you want to join a pack that's "dead", or close to dying? Dedication includes updating the thread, the website (if there is one), managing members, rating activity, hosting contests/games, etc. It takes time, but it's not that hard as long as you believe in yourself and your pack.
Another thing I find is that packs seem to "copy off one another". Such as the water theme, fire theme, etc. To be successful, you should be unique. No one's going to want to join tons of fire-related packs, they want something they can "connect to" such as friends, a unique theme, dedicated leader(s), etc. So having a unique pack with a different style isn't going to hurt.
One thing I'd like to also touch upon is how to "rule" your pack. Being an outright tyrant and commanding people to do as you say won't get you far. However, at the same time, being a leader who lets everyone get what they want, etc. won't work either. For my pack, I call it a "Democracy Dictatorship". It is ruled by the people within the pack, as they make the decisions on things, but it all comes down to the leader(s). The pack can do their own thing, while the leaders are just there in case something happens. All members have a say, but the final decision comes down to the leader(s). 
I also recommend starting a pack by yourself, or with a really close friend. Those who start packs with people they just met, etc. may end up not really liking one another and the pack ends up being closed or one leader quits. I personally recommend owning it yourself, that way you can make decisions however you'd like, and you don't need to discuss it with someone and ask if they agree. However, I also see that packs with close friends as leaders works out as well. I'm not saying that a pack with two strangers won't work, but risks are high that the pack won't survive for long. 
It's also recommended from my point of view that you should try and keep the members entertained. Without members, the pack is nothing. It's best to keep the members happy in any way you can (though I have learned from experience, pleasing everyone will be your downfall). Plan activities/contests for them, and perhaps even roleplay if you're into that. 
But again, all of this comes down to that one word: Dedication. Just stay dedicated and try to keep the pack active. Starting a pack is always the hardest part, but I'm sure if everyone remains dedicated and sticks with their pack, they will be successful. ^^

Thanks Alpha Female!


Pack Names:
Flames of Fury
Night Dwellers Pack
Hidden Powers of Militia 
Dark Creek Pack
Vanished Dream Pack
Faded Shadow Pack
Shadow Valley Pack
Locked Hearts Pack
Broken Shadows Pack
Epic Souls Pack
Dark Shadows Pack
Sinister Valley Pack
Crimson Hollows Pack

Pack Topic Format Idea:
Background Information
News and Updates
Pack Information 
Rules and Regulations
Alliances and Rivals
I ᗯOᑌᒪᗪ ᔕᗩY TᕼᗩT ᗰᑌᔕIᑕ Iᔕ TᕼE EᗩᔕIEᔕT ᗰEᗩᑎᔕ
Iᑎ ᗯᕼIᑕᕼ TO E᙭ᑭᖇEᔕᔕ, ᗷᑌT ᔕIᑎᑕE ᗯOᖇᗪᔕ ᗩᖇE ᗰY
I ᗰᑌᔕT TᖇY TO E᙭ᑭᖇEᔕᔕ ᑕᒪᑌᗰᔕIᒪY Iᑎ
ᗯᕼᗩT TᕼE ᑭᑌᖇE ᗰᑌᔕIᑕ ᗯOᑌᒪᗪ ᕼᗩᐯE ᗪOᑎE ᗷETTEᖇ.

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•~• SwiftHelp! •~• Tips and Hints for Pack posts •~•

Post by -SwiftPaws- » Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:47 am

•~• SwiftHelp! •~• Tips and Hints for Pack posts!

WolfQuest Forum Guide by -SwiftPaws-

Before starting...
Keep in count these symbols!

/!\ … = Means a quick tip/hint in the theme.
¤ = Means to focus in the theme.
* = Means that the theme may be tricky while in progress.

1. Pack title. ¤
Whenever you are willing to create a pack, the first thing is a convinceful pack title with great symbols. This also includes the pack theme, which can be choosen by different things you would like to add to the pack.

/!\ You can find different symbols in and themes in Google Images or YouTube Songs!

2. Pack theme. ¤*
If you want your pack to call atention, then use a single self theme! Like forest, gardens, flowers, peace, shadows, Africa (taken), Yellowstone and many other things! Express yourself in YOUR pack!

/!\ While choosing a theme, you must also look for colors that fit the theme, it will look great.

3. Pack rankings. *
Ranks are needed to make the pack wider and self organized. Not like subordinates, omegas, betas and the alphas. These are for hmmm, well, packs that are more realistic. More explaining ranks like alpha, betas, deltas, healers etc. etc. are better for a big and huge pack.

/!\ Use other languages to make the ranks unique! Specially random themed colors! Make a lead for each rank and so on.

WolfQuest Forum Guide © -SwiftPaws- 2012

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Making Your Truely Successful Super Awesome Pack

Post by Seranda7 » Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:48 pm

Step 1

Before you even think of starting one, do you have the time? Are you committed? You should be able to, at the very least, check in on your pack every day. However, I recommend being able to spend about half an hour a day on a pack, with more time at the beginning. Your going to have to be able to answer questions, accept members, add them to the thread, get them on the site, host contests, post in RP, be present around the pack, keep the website updated, come up with original ideas, and more! All of that takes time, and it adds up. Make sure you can do it before you put the effort of making a pack in.

Step 2

Sure, you want one now, but I suggest waiting a week. If at the end you're still up for it, then start it. I've had times when I reeeaaallllyy wanted to start a pack - and found that an hour later I'd lost interest. Make sure you're going to want to stick with the pack through thick and thin before starting.

Step 3

Name, ranks, colours (excuse my Canadian), goals, etc...

Step 4

It helps to think of what you want this pack to become before you even get started. You might want a pack that's based on The Muppets, but you might also want it to be as popular as Nyan Cat. Chances are, the two of those things aren't both going to happen. Think of what you really want out of the pack, and what you want it to be - friends, popular, just a place to hang out, The Muppets?

Now imagine what it will look like, be like. From now on, you're going to be building your pack with that goal in mind.

Step 5
To share, or not to share?

Personally, I suggest you go it alone until the thread is posted. That way, you can keep your ambitions straight and not compromise on anything because of competing interests. If you do choose to work with someone else, make sure you're both on the same page about what you want from this pack. Suggest your friend read this topic too!

Step 6
The Thread.

Now, here we get on to all the fun stuff. Think of what you did in the brainstorming session and revise it based on your ambitions. Come up with ranks, your theme (or, if it suits your ambitions better, no theme), colours, a name, etc... (If you need help with this, check out these awesome guides!

Pack Ranks Help; ... 5#p1971081, by Sparkles_Wolf/Mythickeen.
Pack Topic Format Suggestion-New Members Come!; ... 5#p1990069, by Meadow125.
•~• SwiftHelp! •~• Tips and Hints for Pack posts •~•; ... 5#p2017044, by -SwiftPaws-.


Step 7

Edit, change, think, ask opinions, research. Get a good sleep.

Step 8
Post your thread.

Don't expect it to become what you dreamed it would be right away. Your far from that yet! Get the word out. Post an advertisement, and maybe get a good friend to help you keep the thread on the front page. Put a link in your siggie, request an avvie with your pack's name in it - get the word out! Soon, people will start to realize how awesome your pack is, and you might have a few join. Now, hurry! While everyone's watching and your having your 15 minutes of fame, make a site!

Step 9
This whole website thing, and a little psychology.

When your making your website, I suggest forumotion. It's all I'm going to say on the subject for now, (since I could go on for quite awhile!) but if you have any questions, PM me. I'm considering a career in the whole web design/coding thing, so chances are I can help!

Now, I know that half of you reading this could very easily make a website 100% on their own. Don't. If your interested in reading why, here's an article; ... in-effect/. I'll save you your time though. The whole point of that very, very long article is this: ask people for favors - small ones, which they can do easily without going too far out of their way - and they'll like you. Why? Because people like people who they feel good hanging around, and when you help other people it makes you feel good. And if they like you, they're more likely to stay in the pack... you see where this is going?

So give members small jobs they can do to help. Adminify them temporarily and make this site a team effort. Get people talking, discussing, and working together. Congratulations! You just strengthened your packs bonds, and things haven't even really gotten started yet.

Step 10
Run your pack.

Keep things moving, get members coming in however you can, be positive, be nice, and have fun. Keep your ambitions in mind, don't work too hard. Enjoy your pack. Work through inactive periods, reward those who deserve it, be fair. Host original contests, find new ways to do things, help out your allies.

If you keep your ambitions straight, and always work towards them, things will work out eventually. Get your name out there, and your reputation - then prove your pack is as good as the members say it is. Avoid drama, but don't punish too harshly. Give second chances. Make friends. Now - celebrate your first anniversary!

  • Make allies with packs that have -20 members, they're more likely to feel flattered by your attention.
  • Don't have too many things happening at once, or else some things will be forgotten and ignored.
  • Don't have a theme, or a have a very general one. If you need proof this works, go ask Undine Falls, African Stars, Serenity River, Banishing Winds and Seasonal Trackers how they're doing. (Note that The Four Clans is also doing very well!)
  • Don't be a frumpy policeman all the time, have fun. Your members will follow your example.
  • Be nice to EVERYONE. Yeah, it's the hard one, isn't it?
  • Advertise and promote yourself off WolfQuest. Make sure that during the down times here, your pack will be able to survive and thrive with members coming in from multiple sites, and word of mouth.
  • Remember your ambitions, and keep them in mind with whatever you do.
  • Don't be ashamed to sometimes sacrifice a little originality for what's tired, tested and proven. (Banner contests always work, even if they aren't original!)
  • Avoid drama, and when it does happen, move on. Don't make things worse, be mature and think.

Good luck, I hope my thoughts helped you!

Hey there!

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Wanna know a secret?
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-Tips To have a great pack -

Post by Dj SheepWolf » Sun Aug 24, 2014 4:34 pm

for people to come and be part of your package, you will need to know what you want to do. here are some tips:
1. than one name to your pack
2. talk because you have this pack
3. ranks to make it as puppies hunter etc ...
4. put a quote with informçãoes questions, but not questions of personal information, can be so User name, age of the character, desired rank etc ...
5. Tell the story of your pack
6. invent events and anything that can add
7. speak the meaning or because the name of his pack
8. talk all clear so that the bed understands WHAT you are trying to say
9. have a role play game for members of your pack can have fun or just make a website for it
10. please before all this, read the rules of the central pack.
I have helped! ;)
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Re: -Tips To have a great pack -

Post by duskypack » Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:28 pm

Hmm, good tips Dennol, but i made a pack not based on roleplay, my version would look something like:

1. Plan everything out, research and even make the website before you actually post it on Pack Central.

2. Have a color scheme, theme and your pack well laid out.

3. Decide any ranks, it could even be things like 'mod.'

4. Use a website for your own forum to make things easier and sort out events and things.

5. Keep it interesting, filled with contests, Wolfquest Games or even roleplays.

6. Use good grammar and spelling always, if your confused you can always google it.

7. Treat your members well and with respect: they make up the pack.

But i think these tips are better posted on User Guides the forum, not trying to back-seat mod or anything, just saying.
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A guide for packs

Post by _Nimbus_ » Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:32 pm

This Is a guide on how to succeed with a pack.

Starting a pack.
One: No generic names (Example: Forest pack, Super epic pack THE BEST PACK EVER)
2. When advertising your pack, refrain from saying Please join my pack Its the best!
3. Make a Interesting name that makes people want to join (Example: Autumn Warriors pack)
4. Grammar and spelling = Win
4. (Continued) Without them, most people will not join
5. Make rules for your pack.

First members.
6. Do not, not not, Give the first person who joins a high rank, They will most likely abuse It
7. Do not harass them 24/7 to get them to roleplay or do something
8. Try to ally with other packs, It means you have support and can ask them (Kindly) to help you.
9. Get a signature from a shop and get them to Include your pack link.
It looks good and Is an easy way Of advertising

That's it for now.
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How to have a successful pack.

Post by _Nimbus_ » Wed Sep 30, 2015 4:09 pm

Welcome! In this guide we will go over how to have a successful pack.

Chapter one: Naming your pack

Step one: Brainstorm names.
Have a notepad on hand, write down all the names you can think of for your pack.
Step two: Eliminate generic names.
Do not use a generic and/or uncreative name.
(Ex:Super cool pack, wolf pack, river pack, etc)

Step three: Check and see if some of your names are names of other packs.


Here is an example of what your notepad may look like:

Brainstorming pack names

Super cool pack
Nightfall pack
Mountain howlers pack.
Wolf pack
river pack
Wolves of twilight

Step four: Get rid of names that don't make sense
(Ex: Wolves with wolves of the volcano pack)

Step five: Pick the name you prefer.

Chapter two: Creating your pack thread.

Step one: Create lore for your pack, it will get readers interested.

Step two: Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
Step three: Create ranks and describe their jobs

Step four:Do not beg for members (Ex: Please join we need members now.)

Chapter three: Post-thread creation.

Step one: Be kind to your members.

Step two: Don't exclude any members.

Step three (Optional) Put usernames (And roleplay names) Under ranks and list if the ranks are open.

Step four: Be active.

Thank you for viewing this guide, I wish you luck with your pack.
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Effective Staffing of Your Pack Site

Post by coyoteflu » Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:17 pm

Hello! If you are reading this, chances are, you are a staff member here on a pack's site. This means things are changing for you on the site in a big way! First off, a there are a few basic concepts on being a staff member that need to be known, some do's and don't's, mostly don't's.
  • Stay active! You are being held to a higher standard as a staff member, which needs to reflected in your posting habits. You should be more active than the average member. You should be up-to-date on your posts. Even if your site seems inactive at the time, I find that staying active on your site as a staff member seems to motivate others to do so as well. Don't neglect your site! Log in and keep up to date as often as possible.

    Don't cause drama and make your problems known. This is one of the single most worst things that you could ever do to your members or yourself. You should not make your problems known across the board, or even tell them to a select group of people. What happens to a member or whatever problems come up should always remain in the staff team. You might have that one regular member you can trust, but you should never tell them anything that happens behind the scenes. This is single-handedly one of the worst mistakes a site can make. I've seen sites go down just because they've been full of drama and ranting and raving admins. The reason all of these sites have failed in the past? Because that drama and ranting wasn't kept behind scenes as it should have been. Your members come to your site mostly to roleplay and have fun, not for drama in the staff team.

    When handling a member doing something wrong, remain firm, but fair. Don't jump straight to giving out a warning and allow time for things to diffuse. A simple, "Please keep that out of the Cbox/Site/etc." will do, and if they ignore that, start warning them.

    Don't hold yourself above your own rules! Simply because you're a staff member and just because you've written a rule does not give you the right to hold yourself above the rules that you wrote for your members. If you have an activity check you need to hold yourself accountable for that activity check as well, etc etc. Having more abilities over members does not make you better than your members by any stretch of the means. Staff members always need to be accountable for the rules as well.

    Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't like how someone posts or something? Well, think about it this way. How would you feel if someone trash-talked about you behind your back, or even to your face? You'd most likely feel angry or upset. Think about that before thinking about saying stuff about other members.

    Don't get involved in disagreements with your members. Public or not, you never should get involved in disagreements with members. This is one I see a lot in cboxes when a member speaks out against a particular rule, the staff member is the first to fire back with something sarcastic and rude as well, and this only initiates a bigger fight or disagreement to break out in the cbox. You're not helping anything by talking to your members like that, especially in a public place. If the post in question from the member seemed rude, condescending, or even rule breaking, then you as an admin always have a right to remove the offensive post and send them a PM to tell them why it was removed, and also to discuss things they might disagree with. You should never start arguing back with members in your cbox. That gives a bad impression to the members and guests that might be lurking at the time.

    Don't prod members to post on a regular basis. This is different from activity checks. Once in a while, it's okay to gently nudge someone if a thread has been sitting in a while and they haven't posted. You can always send them a polite PM after a few weeks have gone by and say something like "Hey! Did you know it's your turn in this thread (link)?" but other then that, don't poke them repeatedly, especially not in a public place. The last thing you want to do is make them feel attacked, and if they're being harped left, right, and center for a post or to post in various threads, chances are you won't be getting a post anytime in the near future.

    Don't threaten members if they're not posting. While you might want someone to post to you right then and there, you can't force them to post. Threatening them with whatever (a warning, a ban, removal of something) is never okay. If anything, threatening members is likely to lose you members and potential members. No one wants to be on a site where the admins are threatening people in order for them to get posts out. This is definitely not motivational nor inspirational, and is more likely to cause problems. If you feel like members are slacking as far as posting, maybe you should consider a reward system or an incentive to get posts out. But the last thing you should do to get posts is to threaten them. It's not going to help anything.

    Don't close the site on short notice and say you've lost interest. While it's understandable that sites go inactive and do in fact close for whatever reason, I find it really unfair to the members of said site. Most sites just close down without notifying the members first or giving them a few days to collect things they might need. Instead, they close down and tack on "Well you can email me if you need anything", but the fact that the site is closing often comes as a surprise to member.
dealing with conflict, troublesome members, and drama.
It's the member one that upsets other players, makes those comments that aren't quite deemed directly nasty but could still be causing upset, telling you how to run your board then having temper tantrums when you say, "no, but thank you for your suggestion", are breaking the same rules or any rule despite reminders/warnings, and are just in general, being a pain, possibly causing trouble and leading to members leaving and a dead site. Yep, it can turn out bad really quickly if it isn't bitten in the butt quickly. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at the things you can do when facing a troublesome player, conflict, and drama.

Note: Always remember that you should lead by example, leading both players and staff members. Treat even the worst of troublemakers with the utmost respect and politeness. By doing so, you cover your own back - they cannot complain about you if you take action against them, as they can only complain about the board (which they may already have been doing) and find somewhere else that will accept their inappropriate behaviour. You never know, they may then return after multiple failed memberships, apologise and be a good player!

....................TYPES OF DRAMA.

  • Cbox Fighting. It's nice and convenient to have a cbox for those quick discussions, but sometimes things can get out of hand. Fortunately it's not really that hard to tell when a fight is going on. Keep an eye out for direct flaming that goes beyond simple teasing, or a sudden mood change. Try to go back and see who or what started the whole thing. If you can't tell, simply go into the cbox and calmly tell your members that you would not like to see any fighting going on. Tell the audience that they may NOT join in the fight. Your results may vary: they will apologize and stop, they will calm down and start up again later on, they'll attempt to appeal to you ("but they started it" type of thing), or they may tell you to back off. If they do one of the last three, don't panic. If the fight is between two people, tell them that they may either cut it out or take it to PM, as long as they stop involving other members. Sometimes it might be helpful to remove the cbox entirely for awhile if the argument's gotten too widespread. At this point, you need to look for the root of the problem and try to solve it. Sometimes it's just a pointless disagreement, or a misunderstanding. If it's something more serious, you could ask for help from other staff members or friends. At any rate, stay calm and don't auto-reach for banning.

    The Novelist. They can post up to 1500 words per post, and often harass your members if they post less than that. What's worse? The longer you let them stick around, the more your members will feel slighted. And chances are this person posts about six clunky paragraphs of utter fluff that gets nothing done. Don't let an annoying member keep being a pest. The minute you notice the problem, try to solve it. Tell the person that they need to be considerate of others' feelings and posting abilities. If they're not willing to change, tell them that they might be happier finding a different forum. It's not fun to lose a member, but if it's a pesty member, no one will be shedding many tears.

    Harassment. Every member who does something obviously illegal and/or creepy qualifies. Say...some male player is PMing your female players for PM smut scenes. Or if someone keeps sending or posting pornography. Some try to hide their true intentions through a character, though, and this can be harder to track. Just keep an eye on the sex loving characters. Make sure that nothing gets out of hand, and if a member mentions anything to you about being harassed, take action IMMEDIATELY. It can get really bad if your forum includes members 13-15, which is almost always the case with packs here on WolfQuest. Here, feel free to slap down the banhammer. Your members' safety matters most, especially on the Internet. It might help to include in your rules to NEVER give out personal info. Name basis is enough - no one needs to be sharing Facebooks on RPG sites. Don't be lenient with the report button if you need to as well.

    Trolling. Nobody likes waking up one morning, checking their site, and finding spam ads all through the forums. Sometimes the troll might actually try to converse with you. Best thing to do is disable guest posting if you haven't already and ignore the troll. Send a mass PM if you have to, telling members to do the same. The last thing you want is for someone to make the troll mad and end up with a hacked forum. To prevent getting hacked, hide emails and make impossibly, ridiculously hard passwords. Write them down somewhere and put them where you can get to them and hide them at the same time. More importantly, get a secure forum host.

    Carried-Over Drama. Someone's mad at you from another forum, but they decide to follow you to different sites just to make trouble for whatever reason. Well, there's only one thing to do with blatant troublemakers. Tell them to either quit it or get lost. It's kind of all you can do other than ban them. Just remember, don't do anything to the member that's being followed unless they actually do something first, like breaking rules to get back at the other person.

    Thievery. It's common in the roleplaying world, whether it be graphics, profiles, or other templates. Either way, members will tell you if they think they've been robbed. Always ask for proof, and if it's obvious that the member's been stolen from, ask the other member to change their content. If they won't do it, then they don't have any place on your site, unless you don't mind theft.

    Mini-Modding. Mini-modding is perfectly fine when the member knows what they're saying, they're nice about it, and the staff is busy. It's not okay when members call others out on little mistakes, or bully them about following the rules. If you have one of these people, use the three-strike policy. If you have to warn them a third time, it's a temp ban. Any more than that is a permaban. Usually they'll back off once they realize they're not the teacher's pet, but just keep the warnings in mind.

    Angry Other Staff. Sometimes, the second or third in command can get just as nasty as some members. Admins can and will bully, taunt, scare, or humiliate other members, making things hard for them. As you might guess, this keeps your ranks small. If you suspect or are told that a staff member is harassing a member, they should be questioned and then booted from staff. Any more than that gives them a permaban. It doesn't matter what the authority is - if the staff is nasty, they don't need to be staff. There's no reason to be mean when enforcing rules or reminding members of things. Don't call them names or threaten them. Remember, you're all on the same level - the admins just happen to be the people who formatted the site and came up with the plot. Everything needs a bit of policing, but no one needs to get overkill.


  • Take note of their age. Though some players feel compelled to lie about this and we as staffers have no way of knowing if it is true, consider what they have put as their age and ask yourself is it typical behavior, for example, a just turned eleven year old, one of the youngest ages of WolfQuest members, is more likely to cause trouble without realizing that it is causing trouble and upsetting members. Consider how you respond to their behavior with that in mind.

    Have them PM a staff member for effective communication. I would have them PM you and you only if they are causing other staff members to lose patience or worse, lose interest in your site. You are the (I assume) the owner/main admin of the site and are the staff leader. Staff leaders should take over any member relations that are causing their other staff members a headache, because we care about our good members of the staff team.

    Ban them from the CBox. If this is their fastest and most annoying way for everyone concerned to be nasty/cause trouble etc, then the first move should be to ban them from it (the most used CBox providers supply this, usually for free). Tell them that if they can prove they are able to be the opposite of what they are being now - aka that they can now be nice and handle their suggestions/views in an mature manner, then you will give them back the privilege of being able to use it. Don't give them a deadline for this, otherwise they'll only behave during their 'trial' period then go back to their nasty old habits.

    If they're abusing a valuable area such as suggestions/feedback areas, put this area under moderator approval for new topics, posts and replies. Then you can deal with their bad behavior privately, away from the eyes of the other players. I find this also makes them more effective, as players are (in my experience) more likely to reply to a PM when you want more information about something, then reply to their post. Make sure though that you do credit people when they do make a suggestion that you add to the site. Also consider having two suggestion/feedback areas - one for guests and another for members that can only be viewed by members. You could do this instead of putting everything on moderator approval, just keep in mind that sometimes guests will look for an excuse.

    If they are using any area of your site to cause trouble, put them (if it is provided by the forum software you are using) on moderator watch/modqueue. This means that every post they make must be approved by a member of staff before others can see it. This is sometimes a really good way to kick somebody into behaving appropriately. Make sure to let them know why they have been put on moderator approval too.

    Take notice of what they've been doing in the form of a list over a period of time, that details when, where and what they did (without telling other members or them that you are doing so). Then politely show them this list over PMs and explain why each case caused problems, and a better way for them to go about doing those things/offering suggestions. After that, a warning or ban is something to consider.

    Make sure you have some sort of warning system. Even if it is as simple as 'break three rules and you're banned', or a more complex one if your site requires it or has a lot of rules. I type I like to use has a particular warning system that has been created by other staffers on their sites. Have a look:

    The Unofficial Reminder
    During a player's first week of play, they can get an unofficial reminder that politely reminds them by PM that oops, they broke a rule but it's okay this time because they're squeaky and brand new.

    The Official Reminder
    This is for once they have passed their first week as a player. Decide what your site's particulars are regarding these. The official reminder is used right before an official warning. Do they get x amount of official reminders no matter which rules they break before they get a warning? Does x amount of official reminders for a certain or the same rule mean an official warning?

    The Official Warning
    Oh-oh. They've done it now. For whatever reason, this player (or worse - staff member) has managed to get past even the official reminders stage. So give them a warning and let them know why. If your forum host/provider allows you to have warning notes, consider if you want a warning note template to always be used. Also, do you want it to expire after a set period, and what happens when it does - do those official reminders that caused it still count in case they do them again, or do they get a fresh start?

    You are banned!
    It's not even an oh-oh now. If anything, you should be relieved. To get this far, they must really have had to be troublesome or a right little rule breaker! Now consider if you want it to be permanent or temporary.

    Make sure when reminding someone of/telling someone off for breaking the rules, that you word it well before pressing that submit button. You don't want it to come across nasty, harsh, strict or formal. Be friendly, polite and understanding. Also make sure to respond to any questions they have in the same manner. Then or if they don't have questions but dispute it or give you attitude for telling them what they have done, be formal, strict but understanding. This is your site after all, your game. Why let them ruin it for you by taking attitude? Your rules are there for a reason after all - to ensure the game works and survives!

    Make sure that somewhere in the staff only viewing area that you have a record of every time and why a member has received an unofficial reminder, official reminder or a warning. This is added protection for you if they kick up a fuss, as you can then show them by PM that you know what you're talking about.


Here are some quick tips to avoid employing trouble staffers before they've become troublesome staff:
  • Only employ from your active players: Unless you're after an artist who isn't into the site but is awesome art-wise, it's best to employ those whom you have had dealings with, aka players. See it as a warm up to the interview - the shaking of hands and introductions. You know they're interested in the continuation of your site because they play.

    Consider having requirements for becoming staff. Do you want them to have a good understanding of the site (meaning they've likely been there for over a set amount of months), have a certain amount of in-character posts, have shown they are interested in the site's continuation by taking part in feedback discussion, have never had any official warnings of more than x amount of official reminders? Let them know in the recruitment area that you have requirements for each staff role.

    If offering a player the chance to become a staff member when you prefer to choose instead of have applications: Consider why you have chosen them.

    Knowing them in real life: Just because they're your sister, aunt, granny, best friend, pet dog, etc, doesn't mean they'd make good staff. Don't make exceptions for them, whoever they are. Also, watch out for people you know who register [j]just[/i] to try for a role or aim for a role of staff. That's (from personal experience) always a bad sign.

    Never take a staff member who asks to be staff: Those who join the site and immediately (or asks in less than a month) to be staff, especially when you're not looking or advertising that you need someone, is not good. They're on a power-trip, seeking power to flaunt it. Do you really trust these people? This is especially for those you know personally in real life. What if you fall out? Will they seek to destroy your site?

Now to actually dealing with troublesome staff.

  • Have a Code of Conduct. You may have seen these already without realizing it - the rules for staff members. They put a stop to troublesome staff members, depending on what you have put and the penalties for following it. Consider going one step further and having them 'sign' it, and make them sign it the first day they log in when promoted to staff status. In the staff area, have the Code of Conduct written in a straight forward, easy to understand layout that clearly states what you expect from them and what they must do if they are to keep their status as a staff member. Make sure that somewhere in your staff code of conduct you have that they must do their assigned duties, be actively posting and not vanish for x amount of days without letting you know before hand why, as well as the penlties for breaking the code of conduct. Staff members should also have to adhere to player rules.

    If a staff member vanishes for x amount of days without telling you before hand, they will be put back as a player, for example, and never able to be staff again. If they are not nice to a player or a fellow staffer, will you take their staff status off them and give them an official warning, or will you make them publicly apologize on the board (bit harsh but it does works).

    Perhaps they don't know how to do something. Everyone has to start somewhere. Don't hold it against them. Write some guides that are particular to how you want them to do their duties (like when dealing with a player who has broken a rule), and how to go about it. You may not realise it, but not everyone is familiar with Proboards, Invisionfree, Zetaboards or some other forum provider's moderator controls either, and this may be their first time at being a staff member on a forum of any sort. Be there for them - offer support whenever they need it, answer any questions they have.


  • Come to the conflict with an open mind. The goal is to resolve a conflict, not win a fight. If you come to the table with your mind already made up then asking to discuss it is counter productive and will degrade quickly with battle lines being drawn.

    Know what you want, ask what they want. Many times people get stuck in the argue mode and are stalled there. If you have a clear goal in your mind and state it clearly, then ask them "What is it that you want me to do?" it can often break a stalemate. Sometimes people are just frustrated and don't even know what, if anything, they want done. They just wanted to express themselves.

    Watch your wording. Past tense denotes blame: You did this, I did that, they did it. Present tense denotes crisis: They are doing this, I see that, You can't do that. Future tense denotes resolutions: I will try this, we can work on it together, moving past this we can try...

    Feedback is important. Paraphrasing what the other person said to make sure you are on the same page is especially important in RP communities because we have different dialectics, idioms, slang and speech patterns.

    Offer solutions. You've both stated your goals, made sure that the issue was clear to you both, now it's time to try to work on a solution. If you came with an open mind you may discover that what they wanted wasn't unreasonable at all, and in fact may be helpful to you. If not try to find a way that you both benefit another way, or compromise to a halfway point.

    Forgive yourself if you can't work it out. If you've listened to the person, reviewed what they've said, gave them feedback and offered solutions and they won't budge. Know that you earnestly tried and close that chapter. In the case of boards this may mean giving warnings and bans, changing rules, what have you, but sometimes there cannot be a solution. The person on the other side of the conflict won't budge and would rather argue in a loop rather than break free and move past it. Forgive yourself for nipping future conflicts in the bud with your admin decisions.

Thanks to Lawliet, Elsa's Corset, Drae, Felix, Dante. and many others on RPG-Directory for this information.
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