Western lawmakers turn sights on endangered wolves

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Swift Wind
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Western lawmakers turn sights on endangered wolves

Post by Swift Wind » Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:19 pm

Hi Guys,

I Was just Zooming about as I usually do on the internet, and a picture of a gray wolf caught my eye on Yahoo. I clicked on the article only to be shocked on what I read.

And if this gets out of controll or is in the wrong spot please feel free to move and lock it.

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101003/ap_ ... s_congress

Yeah, I skimmed around and found some bad news on this. I and many of you are very strong wolf supporters, but I ask of us not to be biased. I understand why some people want to continue turning their guns on wolves, especially livestock owners. But it still extremely dissapoints me.
What do you guys think? Please be respectful to others opinions nomatter what thoughts they choose to state.

Ugh, I hate all this political stuff. Why cant people just put up fences around their livestock and deal with the wolves? The ecosystems could go crazy without an apex predaor to keep things down. If their are too many large herbivoir herds there will be less grass for all of the animals, the wolves can pick off the weak and sick ones, leaving the strong ones with more food. Im sure wolves every once in a while will attack mice too, Isnt that good for farming that all these people are complianing about? Sorry. Excuse my Blabbering.

What are your opinions on this article? And please dont go yelling at eachother if opinions variate. Lets be mature.

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Re: Western lawmakers turn sights on endangered wolves

Post by Jayness » Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:38 pm

Ugh, I hate all this political stuff
I'm with you on that one Swift, I wish that all these lawers and what not would just give it a rest and make the farmers stop shooting the wolves and put up a fence. :roll:
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Re: Western lawmakers turn sights on endangered wolves

Post by Asheek » Sun Oct 03, 2010 6:22 pm

The cattle and sheep are fenced in. It would take little energy for a wolf to slip under it and kill the livestock. Anti wolf fenceing is highly expensive and ranchers are not the richest people out there and struggle to just get by. And when you have thousands of miles of pasture and fenceing, its like finding a needle in a giant haystack if you have a section of downed fence. To most farmers, bullets seem to be the most cost effective way to ward off wolves.

Think about all the expensises these people have: fule, eletric bills, heating bills, feed, replacement livestock for those that wolves killed or dided in harsh weather, tractors, land taxes, vet bills, person expensises... this list goes on and on. These people have children and if a pack starts killing off their means of income, they could loose their home which may have been in their family fore generations. Wolves dont always go for the weak and old, but sometimes the healthy ones, and they surplus kill too and that mainly ends up being farm animals.

People will always choose thair family over a group of animals that kills their way of life. And untill effictive, low cost, anti-wolf fenceing is avible, they will contine ti shoot them, even if it's against the law or not.
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