Why can't I connect to all games (getting server errors)?

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Why can't I connect to all games (getting server errors)?

Post by WQ Coordinator » Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:05 pm

It's tough to debug connection issues, so we've put up what tips we know on the FAQs, particularly these: WolfQuest uses a master server for matchmaking between computers, but from then on it's totally peer-to-peer, which is different from many other multiplayer games, so that may be why it won't work when other games do. Does the error message mention NAT punchthrough problems? Have you ever been able to get into multiplayer? Are you unable to both start a new multiplayer game and join an existing game? Sometimes one's router settings block the former but allow the latter.

In the end, if you try all these suggestions and nothing helps, please feel free to ask in the Tips, Hints, and Help section of the forums. You may also want to check there right away- if multiple people are posting about the same problem, you'll know it's a problem not specific to your computer. You may also see a response from a WolfQuest Team member, letting you know they're looking into the problem (so you don't have to try changing router settings or anything else listed above).

Overall, because WolfQuest game servers are hosted by the players’ networks, there are unfortunately a multitude of reasons why you may or may not be able to host or connect to private multiplayer games. Hosting a game has somewhat different network requirements than joining an existing game, and unfortunately the chat logs created when you join or host a multiplayer game do not give us enough information to find out what the problem is and how to fix it. We’ve spend a lot of time on a lot of different computers, operating systems, and networks, trying to figure out why private games just don’t work for some people, but we’ve been unsuccessful in finding a solution for everyone. One of the downfalls of this game is that there are too many variables with everyone’s personal computers to be able to find solutions to every problem that arises. That, and because we have a very small staff and limited funding, we’re unable to put more effort into trying to find a solution than we already have. We’re disappointed that some people have problems connecting to private games, but we are currently unable to find a way to fix the problem if players follow the suggestions and still can't find a way to connect.


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