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Patch 1.0w Released

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 3:53 pm
by loboLoco
* Game crashes during launch on very old CPUs. (Fixed in August, somehow snuck back in, sorry!)
* Sometimes wolf coats change during gameplay.
* Cougar carcass is white
* Elk herd is occasionally frozen in place.
* Mates sometimes go off the cliff. (Still possible if you try hard enough. Be kind.)
* Some aspen trees (still placeholder) have black trunks at night.
* Gnarly whitebark trees are floating in air when seen faraway in Basic graphics mode.
* Sometimes animals kick up dirt particles instead of snow particles when on snow. (Fixed on Medium Quality terrain, may still happen on lower quality terrain settings, due to performance optimizations.)

* Some splashes added where mountain creeks join Amethyst Creek.