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Patch 1.0v Released

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 11:24 am
by loboLoco
* Press the "i" key on your keyboard to hide/show the game interface.
* In Photo Mode, with tutorials off, the camera icon fades after two seconds (reappearing if you move the camera as a reminder).

* Minor reduction in RAM memory usage.

* Snow doesn't fade away on wolves sometimes. (But still some other issues with snow on animals, working on that.)
* In Basic graphics mode, some trees are missing, especially in the Burn. (But some aspens are still missing, working on that.)
* In Basic graphics mode, some missing sections of cliff area when viewed from a distance.
* Some problem spots on the new cliffs.
* Mate and other animals can fall through cliff rocks and become stuck inside.
* Animals fall through invisible section of terrain in far northwest corner of map.