Patch 1.0q Released

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Patch 1.0q Released

Post by loboLoco » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:02 am

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition - Patch 1.0q Released

* NPC animals don't avoid some boulders.
* Stranger wolf packs can be decimated and their territory disappears (fix only works in new games).
* Carcasses sometimes spawn underground.
* Wolf foreleg distorted when biting elk as they collapse to prone pose.
* Cursor glitches out on world map.
* Ambient bird and animal sounds stop and do not resume after game is paused.
* Some Canyon pack female dispersals are labeled incorrectly as male.
* Photo mode tip sometimes stays onscreen too long.
* Sometimes Learn to Hunt mission is skipped or abbreviated when starting a new game.
* Autosave / Last Autosave button label doesn't display until mouseover
* Photo mode tip appears when Show HUD is off
* Elk carcass has fur when fur setting was off
* Snow appears on wolves in main menu after exiting game during snowfall
* Two music tracks play at once (fixed some issues, might still be more).
* Carcass consumption level differs between normal view and scent view.
* Moose and mule deer carcasses lack consumption textures.
* Cow Moose had has fur when it should not.
* Fur is not enabled when it should be, if the game started with a disabled fur setting.
* HUD Scale setting not saved.
* Targeting indicator didn't always appear when targeting something. Also reduced targeting range from 40m to 30m, to match the previous max distance.
* Wolf can fall through map in certain spots (partial fix, better fix coming in next patch).
* All NPC wolves have the same eye color.
* Wolf can sort of walk up the big craggy whitebark pines.
* Some glitchy issues in the Fossil Forest (not completely fixed yet).
* Broken mate when loading a saved game.
* In Basic graphics mode, rivers do not respect fog.
* Sometimes there's grass in the ponds.

* Meat chunks now will attract predators.
* Water splash sounds added when wolves are in water.
* New Display option for Exclusive Fullscreen. This devotes all your computer's resources to the game, improving performance a bit, but is slower when switching to other applications. (Previous option, properly called Fullscreen Window or Borderless Fullscreen, is still an option with correct labeled.)
* Added trees and somewhat more grass along the creeks (based on Yellowstone visit).
* Added aspen trees (but these are placeholder tree model, better one coming soon).
* Added new tutorial tips about territorial marking and when mate affinity is low.
* Added visual effect on Territory Hex icon (below wolf badge) when entering and marking territory.
* Added visual effect to Fight/Flee meter when bars change.
* Mate personality now affects how close to player-wolf it lays down for sleep.
* Personality now affects distance when doing emotes.
* In-game time now displays in Pack Stats.
* Elk herd ground scents now show elk herd name.
* Fixed howls and affinity: now it respects maximum affinity from socialization over a period of time. Except when the mate initiates a howl on their own accord and the player then responds.
* Added mate behavior where, if health is 5% or less, it'll avoid all threats and lie down, only getting up to eat and follow the player.
* Added more tips and factoids on loading screen.
Taking damage now adds up to 50% Flight meter instead of 20%.

* Some reduction of stutter/lag when loading new terrain chunks.
* Some improvements to grass and sagebrush in Basic graphics mode.
* Some refinements to snow on fallen logs in forest.
* Revisions to Pack Stats, Game Settings, and Controls panel layouts.
* Adjusted far left end of wolf eye color range to make it more gray.
* Tutorial tips progress is now saved per computer user, not per game
* Removed some unnecessary word filtering in Wolf Bio.
* Adjusted the math behind Audio sliders, to make more usable.
* Taking damage now adds up to 50% Flight meter (was 20% before)
* Power balance considers near-dead animals 30% "worth" healthy animals (instead of 0%).
* Taking damage now adds up to 50% Flight meter instead of 20%
* Various tree and terrain refinements.
* Increased wind effect on grass and sage.
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Re: Patch 1.0q Released

Post by aftherion » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:47 am

loboLoco wrote:
Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:02 am

* Stranger wolf packs can be decimated and their territory disappears (fix only works in new games).

Was that a bug? I thought it makes sense that there can't be infinite amount of stranger wolves, so if my player wolf kills all of wolves who live in that territory, there wouldn't be anyone left, so that territory is now free for taking.

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