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Patch 1.0m Released!

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:02 pm
by loboLoco
* IK bug causes wolf forelegs to go haywire when biting prey and competitors. (Still working on a few other IK bugs)
* No sunlight in the main menu when set to Basic Sky and higher quality level.
* Antlers are misplaced on elk spike carcass (low gore version)
* Hare twitches when dead.
* Autosave stopped saving.
* Stranger wolves frozen in place.
* Keyboard keys 7 and 8 don't control camera zoom.
* "Do you want to overwrite save?" alert appears uninvited and won't go away.
* Problem with some emotes and favorites (e.g. Confident Tail Wag).
* Weather sound effects not affected by Audio > Natural Sounds volume slider.
* Various terrain and river tweaks and fixes.

* Increased health recovery rate when the hunger bar is full (top 25% of meter).
* You can now right-click to select Emote Favorites.
* Removed a few more words from filter (very sorry about that)
* Adjusted minimum GPU VRAM requirements for grass density.
* A few more optimizations to reduce micropauses when running around.