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Patch 1.0l Released!

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:47 pm
by loboLoco
Known Issue: Sometimes there's no sunlight in the main menu, when in Basic Sky & Vegetation mode. For now, fix it by switching to Enhanced, then back to Basic.

* Game won't load after doing certain add/remove actions with Emote Favorites.
* Can't wake up or stand up after sleeping.
* Wolf urine is invisible.
* Game soft-locks after marking territory.
* Stranger wolves are frozen.
* Elk are frozen and hovering in air.
* NPC animals take big leaps off cliffs.
* Grass is floating above cliff rock.
* Gap below bottom of sky and distant landscape.
* Several glitches with NPC animals.
* Wolf frozen after howling while sitting.
* Grizzly bears won't stop fighting.
* Can run through trees in Basic graphics mode.
* Various minor issues with terrain, rivers, and fog

* Added a confirmation popup when deleting a saved game.