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Patch v1.0h Released!

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 4:02 pm
by loboLoco
* Goldilocks food chunks were too low, then too high, and now should be just right. (EDIT: Hmm, chunks should not float, but somehow they still do...)
* Error that can cause extremely excessive damage from elk kicks.
* Custom key remapping: Reset button doesn't work, and custom settings are not saved. (More improvements to key remapping still to come.)
* Dead stranger wolves switch to white coat or white (no texture).
* Some notification popups overstay their welcome.
* Various little visual problems on terrain.
* Protruding dark ridge in Chalcedony creek canyon.
* Audio of wind, rain, flushed birds, and flies doesn't respect game audio settings.
* Fog does not affect visibility of creeks and rivers.
* Can't drink from Amethyst Creek.

* Improved performance when sun is at horizon (very long shadows were slowing the game down).
* More improvements to NPC animal behavior.
* Tweaks to terrain textures so they match High Quality settings.