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Patch v1.0e Released!

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 5:25 pm
by loboLoco
Remember Friday's patch which said that we'd fixed the bug where your Difficulty selection was carried over from the main menu to the Amethyst map? Well, turns out that was an ornery bug and wasn't fixed...which means if you didn't notice that, you've been playing on Easy even if you chose Challenging or Accurate. Sorry about that! Consider it practice for the real challenges that you'll now face.

* Difficulty and Mate Permadeath selections should carry over from main menu to Amethyst map.
* Some meat chunks have incorrect labels.
* Possibly fixed the overlapping title music after entering the Amethyst map.

* Optimized some grass and tree textures, may improve performance on some graphics cards.
* Added snow to forest debris objects.
* Added useful information to some tutorial tips.
* Added more grass back to cliff rocks.