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Re: Thanks for supporting WolfQuest! And what's to come!

Post by paperpaws » Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:14 am

TallFox87 wrote:Can it be transfered over to the new one that just came out? Please reply. I wanna know if it will be added to the new one that just came out.
Dave said something about this earlier in this topic:
loboLoco wrote:Episode 3 will be DLC for purchase. We haven't decided on the price yet--it'll depend on the size and scope of the episode--but at the moment I'd imagine around $5-$6 more or less.
So yes, it will add on the current game rather than being an entirely separate client, but it is going to cost money.
TallFox87 wrote:I spent alot of money on the new one, and I'll be feather if I'm gonna have to purchase ANOTHER game :( Why do you make it cost?
Game development itself unfortunately is not free either. WolfQuest has reached a point where they need to apply a price tag to the game for it to be able to exist. The bright side is that it is not going to equal the full price of WolfQuest 2.7, and I am sure Dave has a lot in store for us to make it worth the money.


As an Episode 3 has officially been announced now, I believe this topic has run its course. I'll be locking this now - any questions about Episode 3 can be redirected to the official announcement topic.


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