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WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:16 pm
by loboLoco
The WQ Game Launcher should download this patch automatically (unless you cancel the download). To be sure that you have it, look at the small text at the bottom of the title screen. It should say “Version 2.7p3.” If it doesn’t, go into Settings (gear icon button), and click the Redownload button.

What's New? Alert icons when you have unread messages in your account panel.

What’s Improved?
—Performance improvements to Lost River map, so it should run more smoothly.
—Refinements to Voice+Text Chat: Typing in text field doesn’t activate B-to-Talk or other gameplay functions.
—Phrase Chat panel is larger to fit more phrases, and phrase text size is a bit larger.
—In Messages, message and pack lists should scroll and display properly.
—Problems when you try to rest or sleep in Scent View.
—Wolf sizes are shown properly in multiplayer games.
—Multiplayer lag issues.
—Players won’t lose XP in certain cases in multiplayer games.
—Pasting the Key into the Registration panel won’t add an unintentional “v”
—Elk and stranger wolf scent trails disappear when animals are not around anymore.
—Better instructions to parents for the AgeCheq process.
—Better feedback when registering with no internet connection.
—Pressing “C” to chat while map is open won’t cause problems.
—Other fixes to possible issues with predators during Defend Den mission.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 1:44 pm
by loboLoco
Patch 4 (Version 2.7p4)
Released November 29, 2015

That last patch didn't solve one problem, and created a new one, so here's a new patch, which fixes these problems and a couple others:

- Player names are once again displayed in Phrase Chat
- Packs that you belong to, but do now own, are displayed in Pack List.
- Close Map button properly displayed on Map.
- Phrase Chat panel is now hidden when Hide HUD is selected.

This patch *may* also solve a reported problem with predators appearing too close to the den.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:17 pm
by loboLoco
Patch 5 (Version2.7p5)
Released December 7, 2015

Changes and Fixes:
- In multiplayer games, fixed bug with elk freezing and not becoming edible after dying.
- Other player-wolves turn in place in multiplayer games.
- In-game message lengths are now capped, so entire message is visible to recipient.
- More variation in wolf coats of dispersal wolves in social arena.
- Better explanation of Push/Pull Files in File Sync dialog.
- Fixed typo in Login alert.

We have received some reports of the player-wolf disappearing in multiplayer games. We haven't been able to replicate it. If it happens to you, we would appreciate a detailed bug report, especially with a saved-game file that is likely to reproduce the problem on our end. Send it to Thanks!

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Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 12:45 pm
by loboLoco
Patch 6 (Version2.7p6)
Released December 22, 2015. (Actually not released until December 23, but date on title screen is 22nd.)

Changes and Fixes:
- In multiplayer games, Disconnected alert will appear more reliably (related to bug with wolves disappearing due to disconnection)
- Fixed rare server connection issues that prevent player from registering an account.
- Fixed rare instances of game unable to create a folder for saved game data, causing blank "Create Your Wolf" screen.
- Fixed several issues in title scene when buttons would not reappearing after a problem with server connection.

NOTE: If your saved game files have disappeared after this patch, fear not! They're not gone, just misplaced. Go here for instructions:

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:08 am
by loboLoco
Version2.7p7, released January 12, 2016.

-In phrase chat, player's username is displayed after @ on Players and Invite panels.
-Improved feedback and guidance about registration errors and mistakes.

-Removed stranger wolf packs from Slough Creek Pack Rally multiplayer games.
-Fixed game freeze when approaching Slough Creek with pups.
-Set correct white pup texture after unlocking white pup achievement.
-Fixed bug with mate running too far away during rendezvous mission.
-Fixed misplacement of Pack Rally readout on wolf badge at high screen resolutions.
-Fixed stretched teeth on Radio Collar wolf in social arena.
-Minor graphical fixes in title scene.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:13 pm
by loboLoco
Version 2.7.1, released February 25, 2016.
(Windows patch released now, Mac version coming once we solve a glitch with that patch.)

- Emotes: E to display panel, then E to hide it.

- Scent trails on mate and other players in MP. Tweaks to pup scent trails.

- Partial game controller support -- with some caveats:
• most gameplay controls, but you'll still need mouse/keyboard for graphic panel/button inputs.
• Windows only, but we may add Mac support in the future.

- When laying down to rest, the camera remains in normal position, so you can use camera orbit if you want.

- In Messages, new "Block" button will block all messages from sender.

- Mouse control added back for steering your wolf.

- Playernames are boldfaced in chat text.

- Added facial expression to the Growl action.

- New per-achievement icons.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:19 pm
by loboLoco
Version 2.7.1p1, released February 26, 2016.
(Windows only, Mac version coming soon, once we solve a glitch with that patch.)

Fixes and Improvements:
-Sleep function restored
-Clicking Emote buttons will not trigger bite/eat/pickup pup action.
-On game controllers, A button will close tutorial tips and mission dialogs.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:00 am
by loboLoco
Version 2.7.1p2, released February 29, 2016.

Fixes and Improvements:
• Fixed problems with mouse-clicking when Pickup/Feed Pups buttons are displayed.
• Added toggle in Game Settings to enable/disable mouse steering (enabled by default).
• Add small dead zone on mouse steering to prevent unintended movement.
* Two new movie posters added to cinema in Lost River.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:37 am
by loboLoco
Version 2.7.1p3, released March 18, 2016.

Fixes and Improvements:
• Fixed teleport bug when skipping predator-zoom in Slough Creek pups missions.
• Enabled chat audio chime when receiving chat messages from other players (previously only game host heard the chime).
• Incoming message alerts and friend requests now appear during gameplay (game checks server every 90 seconds).
* Chat interface is larger now on high-resolution monitors.
* When playing Amethyst with a new wolf, a cow elk is grazing nearby to offer immediate hunting experience.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:32 pm
by loboLoco
Version 2.7.1p4, released April 14, 2016.

Fixes and Improvements:
• Predators will now appear if player chose to Stay at Den after completing Grow Pups mission.
• Mate will help player mark territory after pups arrive.
• Eagle will not attack once pups are in rendezvous zone.
• Players cannot spam Whine or Growl actions now.
• Den descriptions edited for accuracy.
• Added mouseover hint on Multiplayer button if player is not logged into an account.
• Added method for activating a new account if activation email does not arrive.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 1:24 pm
by loboLoco
Version 2.7.1p5, released April 15, 2016.

One fix (sigh): Bug where stranger wolf would not leave the social arena after player dominates it.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:40 pm
by loboLoco
Version 2.7.2, released July 2, 2016.
See thread:

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 12:43 pm
by loboLoco
Version 2.7.2p1, released July 5, 2016.

NOTE: We know that some players are experiencing extreme lag in multiplayer games. We're investigating and hope to have a fix soon.

This patch has a handful of minor fixes and tweaks.

* Only the cougar itself unlocks the "Hissy Fit" achievement.
* Improved feedback if player tries to join a game that is full.
* Improved prevention of artificially-colored wolves.
* Cougars on rocky perches are properly networked in multiplayer games.
* Chat window enlarged in Lost River.
* Prevent endless running in multiplayer games while chat panel is open.
* Lightmap corrections in Slough Creek and Lost River.
* Musical flower restored in Amethyst Mountain.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 1:10 pm
by loboLoco
Version 2.7.2p2, released July 6, 2016.

Sorry for yet another patch so soon, but this has a few key fixes:

* Reduced (or possibly eliminated) extreme lag in multiplayer games (for players who have experienced that).
* Reduced lag in the Main Menu (for players who have experienced that).
* Prevent multiple cougars on rocky perches in multiplayer.
* Fixed missing terrain in Slough Creek-Springtime on Fastest quality level.
* Reduced odds of rain in Lost River (until we improve rain performance).
* Dusk and Dawn lighting tweaks in Lost River.

If you're still having extreme lag in the Main Menu, try disabling the little birds that flit around: Press and hold right-shift and the L key, then press the B key. (That will reset after leaving the Main Menu.)

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:04 pm
by loboLoco
Version 2.7.2p3, released August 9, 2016.

This patch has several fixes and refinements:

* Fixed terrain graphics in Fastest quality level; graphics and performance should now be same as before 2.7.2.
* Refined several multiplayer reporting functions.
* Added filter to block "mate" and "mating" in multiplayer game names. (Those words are still allowed in game chat.)
* Refined the cougar running animations.
* Fixed issues when Help and Chat panels are open at the same time.
* Fixed cougar spawning off the rock near Lost River waterfall.