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What's your mate's 'IQ' out of ten?

10 (Best)
1-3 (Worst)
Total votes: 638

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by RogueWarrior » Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:00 pm

coco12354587 wrote:my mate is VERY smart. he picks up my puppies and brings them close to the den AND he feeds them. thats why all your mates go to the hunting grounds. he or she brings back food for the pups and feeds them. (at least mine does) im getting sick and tired of people saying their mate isn't smart, yes they are.
Well coco, in all honesty, I think it just depends on random chance. I say this because I created 2 packs. And my first mate was really a 3/10. She did nothing but run around in circles, literally - she ran around in circles about 15 feet from the den instead of taking care of the pups while I was trying to chase off a bear and 3 coyotes all at once. And she would go hunting, but wouldn't return when I howled. I lost all 4 pups several times with her, but was finally able to finish the game (had used saved games from earlier on to get my pups back) with one live pup, of which I had to carry the whole way, even to get food to feed myself and my pup.

But in the 2nd pack, my mate was awesome! She was probably a 8/10. She had some issues occasionally, but for the most part, she fed the pups, hunted, and helped carry them back to the den when they strayed too far. I was actually able to trust her to keep the pups safe while I did the night mission, which was way fun!

So I can see if all you have had is a great mate how it seems like ppl are just complaining and don't know what they are doing, but there really is more to it than that. Here's to hoping you don't end up with a mate that is, shall we say, a little slow on the uptake...lol...

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by SyncTheWerewolf » Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:24 pm

I give my mate a 10/10 or a 9/10
She always protects the pups, feeds them, and takes them back to the den if they get too far.
In the Journey, she would help deffending and feeding the pups.
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by she wolf » Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:26 pm

mine is also around a 9/10 he helps with everything but he dose get hung on things sometimes and has trubble picking up the pups sometimes but he is good
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by [RHY] » Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:45 pm

Kouga's situation is similar to mine. I have two computers, an Alienware desktop and a Toshiba laptop, and my mates always seem to have better AI on the desktop. Though a couple were successful on my laptop as well, I have better luck with my mate (and therefore raising pups) on the more high-end processor.

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Cherhet » Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:55 am

My mate is LAZY! He's also dumb as anything :roll: When a bear comes, he stares at it while I'm frantically trying to move the pups closer to the den, away from the bear. Then, when i case the bear off, he runs away!! ALLLLLLLLL the way to the hunting grounds, stays there till i howl him back when I'm in danger, and then picks up a pup and runs away with it, dropping it off in the middle of nowhere! Then I have to kill off the danger, and go find my lost pup. :evil: He brings back NO food, does NOT protect the pups, does NOT help me at all!!! it's sort of aggervating :)
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by ShatteredSoul » Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:22 am

My mate is really smart. He always hunts and takes care of the pups when I'm not near them. Even if he hunts, and bear or coyotes comes and want to kill our pups, he comes back and protects them, of course, with my help. But, there is one stupid thing he does every time when he comes to den; he walks into our rock den, and gets stuck. I don't get it why, but he continues with walking, so I have to push him to unstuck him.

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Mercury » Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:23 am

Well, I give my mate a 3/10. Sure, he runs off to the hunting grounds but he only feeds Hawk. My least favorite pup... When the pups stray, he carries them and runs ALL the way off to the Hunting Grounds! And then when I howl he finally comes back. Whenever there's a massive invasion, he picks up Storm (my favorite D:) and plays whack-a-pup. During the Final Journey, he takes my pups and brings them back to the den! Well, he could have done that when we weren't journeying... Well, at least he didn't drown the pups.
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Rustic » Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:01 am

Those of you that have intelligent or helpful mates I'd be interested in knowing which territory/pack you got your mate from. I have two wolves going currently. My first wolf Frost has a mate that is a total idiot...in both chapters. In AM all while trying to hunt he would run off and scatter all the elk and I'd have to howl to get him to come help me with the one I was pursuing. Sometimes he'd stay the duration other times he'd take off to chase a bear. In SC Sajo seemed to have little interest in raising pups and let several get eaten.

I can't recall if Sajo was from the Slough or Specimen pack but my newest wolf Raksha has her mate, Ash, from the druid pack and he's much more helpful. In AM he proved to be a very helpful hunter and in SC right after the pups were born (we took the Aspen Heights den) he immediately took off for the hunting grounds and returned with food (although he only feeds one pup) He is always bringing stay and wandering pups back to the den and will occassionally chase off a coyote (once with a pup in his mouth). In fact, during the first several missions he is soo helpful that when I was experimenting with a glitch (to try and get a white pup) I left to go explore and hunt (pretty much leaving him and the pups on their own) it still went through all the missions right down to the grow your pups one :shock: He even came charging in to help me finishing off an elk I was hunting. He is soo good at keeping pups at the den site I'm having a bit of trouble with him now that I've finally started the last mission. I wanted to move pups in stages, taking one close by the river and then running back for another so that I could hopefully better protect them. Just as I was running to the drop off spot with the second pup here comes Ash running to grab the first pup and return her to the den!

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Wolph » Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:52 am

Diesel -
The first day after the game came out he was really helpful and "smart". He would hunt, feed, and protect the pups. Though he preferred to hunt than help me with the pups. But don't all fathers do that. :roll: When I did the journey, however, he was a big pain. He didn't drown the pups (since I refused to allow him to pick them up at the Sandbar Crossing, but he did take them into the other territory and leave them there. Every time I tried to go after the unfortunate pup I would get chased out and we would have to start over at the crossing again. I would rate him a 9-10

Amethyst -

A few weeks later I created a new game and he was a big pain! He only followed me, he only fed the pups once and then after he fed them he took one and left it in another territory. I completely hated him and started to wish we could have the option to bite or whack our mates. Only recently has he started acting "normally". Though when I got a pop-up to go hunt he would never stay at the den and protect the pups, he would just follow me around as I hunted. I haven't started the journey just yet but I'm sure I will end up trying to drown him. :evil: I would give him a 1-3 overall

I have another wolf I'm getting ready to move over to Slough Creek but I'm waiting until the new version comes out. Maybe there won't be as much mate problems and this wolf wont try to kill all my pups.
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Ashbird » Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:34 am

Ugh, my last mate was Soot owl and he was a definite zero.... He ate all the food for miles around and starved ALL the pups! I could not get there in time because I myself was starving. After all the pups had died he came back to me (glitching) and started running in circles around me bringing up his last meal while I died of starvation! I think an ant has a higher IQ than him! :evil:

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by wq47 HawkTail » Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:00 pm

lol Ashbird. " an ant has a higher I.Q. than him" lol :lol:
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by shadowwolf966 » Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:03 pm

my mate is pretty good, I mean, he hunts CONSTANTLY, kinda reminds me of the term "bringing home the bacon" but more litterally. :D He stays with them when I'm out, like marking territory. He picks them up, but doesn't really bring them closer to the den. :mrgreen:
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Animalgirl » Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:42 pm

My mate is between 7-9. Even though he rarely attacks on coming predators, he'll pick up the pup that the predator is targeting and stays with it while I go and kill/chase the predator away. On the journey, he went back to fetch the pups that were being left behind, which made it faster and easier. And when there weren't any carcasses around (and I was out of food/had little food for the pups), he would go to the nearest hunting ground and bring back some food for them so we could continue the journey and reach the rendevouz site ^^

I guess it depends on your mate's personality, because one other mate I had had the IQ of 3/10. When there was a pup that was all the way over on the other side of the map (who knows how he got there o-o) my mate ran all the way over to him, fed him, and came back without him >>
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by SwiftFire » Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:59 pm

My mate thorn is a 4.5/10, becuase he does hunt and bring back food, but he doesnt help with the predators, or stay at the den while im chasing away a coyote. When i went on the night mission, he was right there when i came out and two of our pups were eaten in his absence :evil: . I havent done the final mission yet with more than one pup (that was easy) and im kind of nervous to do it with him hearing about all of the dangers of crazy mates drowning pups...
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