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Post by -Wolfdog- » Wed Dec 02, 2020 11:45 am

Yes, I know that fish have been in WQ for awhile now--but it seems that it was only intended for birds (correct me if I'm wrong). Recently, as my wolf was swimming in Lamar River, I came across a fish. It had the green bite icon on it like I could eat it, except I couldn't since wolves in the water apparently can't bite. It also displayed a health bar, although the health bar was missing a sliver of health.
My question is: Are fish edible in wolfquest? If they are, why can't we eat them? It seems kinda weird to have the bite icon on inedible fish tho if that's not the case.
On the Wolfopedia page it gets weirder. Direct quote from 'Other prey':
Slippery and small. Let the otters have them.

Yellowstone wolves have not been observed spending time fishing. You might ask: What carnivore wouldn't want a nice, fat trout? But predators will always look to expend the least effort for the most calories. The amount of energy needed to catch enough fish to feed your whole wolf family is not worth it – compared to an elk buffet that will sustain a pack for a week or so. Smaller, canid predators like coyotes might consider fishing worth their time if easier meals (like your elk buffet) are not available. Other small predators, like ospreys, bald eagles, and otters specialize in fishing.''
This gives the impression that fish are at the bottom/not considered on the WQ team's wishlist. Again, why are fish seen in the game anyway, and why does the bite icon appear for them?



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Re: Fish?

Post by Neamara » Wed Dec 02, 2020 8:37 pm

Rainbow trout plucked out of the water and conveniently dropped by hunting bald eagles are the only edible fish variant to exist in the game. It seems clear that players were never intended to be able to hunt fish, but they are able to scavenge from fish carcasses ... that is, if you're lucky enough to encounter one. Going over past devblogs, it's implied that player interaction with fish was not possible up until AE public beta v1.0.2 b9?
There are fish in the Lamar, of course (popular with anglers), but wolves in Yellowstone do not hunt fish -- too much work for too little reward.
Source: The Long and Winding Lamar, March 2019.
Fish dropped by eagles now function like other meat chunks: carryable and with food value.
Source: WolfQuest: AE Public Beta: b9 is now available!, Jan 2020.

The Wolfopedia has been around for some time now, so it may be a little outdated in some places. No idea if the bite icon in the river while they're alive is intentional.
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