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Family Sharing doesn't work due to update, now I can't play the game

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2020 12:54 am
by TimberRaven
Hi, guys. Most of the games I have on Steam were not purchased in my account -- they were purchased in mom's and then she gave my account permission to access certain games in her account that she purchased. However, I have only ran into two games that seem to not be compatible with this "family sharing", as it's called. One of those is WQ3. I've been able to play it just fine on my own Windows account until the update came out with the new option to create your own account (or reclaim your 2.7 account). Now, when I go into Steam and click on WolfQuest AE, instead of that big green PLAY button, I see a big blue PURCHASE button. I switched over to mom's Windows account to see if I could play it there and I could, but I don't have any of my wolves or save files there. All of that is on MY account, where it thinks I have not been granted access to the game and thus must buy it myself. ...Or something. I'm not really sure. Any tips? Thanks, guys.