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WQAE: Bug Report #1

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:51 am
by Halfkyn
F11 and F12 are not functional for me right now. Each time they're pressed I get no popup or any interface allowing me to send a report from the game to WQ.

Minor Bugs/Glitches:

a. When switching from normal view to scent view, the normal soundtrack continues and overlaps with the scent view soundtrack. Sometimes, the scent view soundtrack will continue when it is turned off or even double itself out of sync when turned back on after turning it off.

b. When running off of a high ledge like a cliff, your run animation continues, and if you stop running in midair your wolf stands whilst falling.

c. Carcasses have a for texture. ... 252004.png

d. Carcasses, when it snows, do not have a snow fuzz.

e. Trial mates, when it snows, do not have a snow fuzz.

f. Void. ... 133445.png

g. Pawpads have an odd striped/spotted texture. Not sure if this is intentional. ... 465661.png

h. Moon phases in and out during daytime when looking in certain angles. ... 102469.png ... 864740.png ... 651259.png ... 346234.png

i. Moon is visible in scent view. ... 7726/m.PNG

j. River is seen when the part of the map it resides in is not rendered. ... 003620.png

k. Wolf movement conflicts with tail animation. ...

l. When we close the game and return, any custom settings we had are reset. EXAMPLE: So if you had Fast Custom, it'll return to default Fast.

m. Compass dashes flicker. ...

n. Urine doesn't appear from the proper place. ... 323002.png

Re: WQAE: Bug Report #1

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:11 pm
by Isela
Hi, Halfkyn!

Thank you for helping out with bug reports! However, there is an email address for bug reports that we encourage players to use:

In the future, please direct bug reports to the above email! I also recommend forwarding the bugs you found here in your post to the email as well, that way the developers can be aware of them quicker.

Thank you! :]

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