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Wolf Tales

Post by Sierra Faith » Fri Nov 06, 2020 12:00 am

Wolf Tales is one of the most interesting mobile animal sims out there, sure there’s not much realism in it but the smooth animations and the decent amount of detail is pretty interesting.

To give you guys a rundown you start the game off as a pup learning from the Dire Wolf, after you are fully grown and trained to help the clan, suddenly disappears without warning and you must complete quests to continue the story and find out what will happen to the pack next.

The Pros are as follows: The game features multiplayer (Cooperative and PVP) and solo play which are basically the same only one is just without people. What I thought was interesting was that it gave us an interesting story while we, the players, would be grinding to finish the quests and learn what the story will finish off with. You can have the option to get fantasy skins and such via purchases or just grinding through the packs (you have to defeat clans to get higher level wolves and find different skins which vary from “Common, Rare, Mythic, Fantasy”) which is a good feature for those who would rather not spend the money should they not be able to. The skins have pretty neat special effects depending on what skins you get which is also pretty cool. One thing that makes this game stand out is breeding to level up and defeating clans to get higher level wolves from other packs. This is by far one of the most interesting features of the game so far, it is different than most games I’ve seen and that’s what makes it playable for a long time.

The Cons are mainly just bugs but there is one thing I did have a problem with in terms of PVP fairness. The game has yet to fix this even with the new update but PVP is unfair to new players, if a new player walks into PVP and tries to fight, even with the limits for certain maps on PVP, the high level players would still always win, this is still a big issue that hasn’t been resolved yet and I hope at some point the developers fix this. There are also many bugs in the game, one big one with the new update is the ice power causing the game to crash because the ice chunks apparently aren’t handled well by the game. Also another bug that also makes PVP less fair is people glitching under the terrain and are able to attack the players above without being able to attack them back. Until those bugs get fixed I personally wouldn’t recommend joining PVP games, but other than that, the game is fairly well done.

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