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Goat Simulator

Post by TimberRaven » Tue Jun 02, 2020 2:53 am

Oh boy. This game.
You play as a goat, and you can give yourself perks (Blue Streak, Goatborn (LOL), giraffe, etc.) and can go into one of two maps and switch between each map upon wish. The first map is of a little town, and the second map is a full-fledged city. I haven't played in a while, so I don't know how the game might have changed, and, thus, outdated the information you are currently reading. Multiplayer is also a thing, although it's bizarre and I don't recommend going there if you want to cling to whatever sanity you have left.
You can mix and match the said perks, so you can be an angel-microwave-penguin hybrid if you'd like, and what you do is run around licking stuff and destroying stuff and being a general weirdo. It is a Steam game, I don't think it costs very much, and there are many reasons why my mother got rid of it. First of all, there are inappropriate references in it, just a warning, along with smears of verbal filth. There is a setting that claims to turn all of that off, but when I enabled it, it didn't affect the game at all. This may have changed now.
And when you start playing, you might notice that when a person is lying on the ground, their knees may or may not bend backwards... this is sort of a glitch. The bored group of goofy guys that are the game makers didn't originally mean for that to be, but they stepped back, looked at their game, and thought it was funny. So they left the strange ragdoll aspects in the game for the sake of humor. If I remember correctly, you can press Q, which toggles your goat/microwave/giraffe/ostrich in and out of ragdoll mode.
Have fun licking people and becoming the Goat Queen and summoning falling goats out of the sky. Try not to crash the game. :lol:
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