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Re: The Isle

Post by Dinoman9877 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:48 am

I'm gonna weigh in here and say that The Isle is NOT good. I have 700 hours under my belt, and almost all of them were spent in a realism server, Rogue.Realism, which was eventually destroyed by the inside as a toxic meme community took over, with members of that community becoming staff and proceeding to do nothing when their friends broke the rules. That worked its way all the way up to the admins and...yeah. Almost two years down the drain because of it. Then Survival came out and Dondi basically killed any chance realism servers would work ever again.

The Isle suffers from a lot of development problems, most of them in the terms of basic common knowledge, which makes the game infuriating and boring to play. You spawn in as a baby dinosaur in an overly large map, by yourself, and then you run at a minute fraction of the speed that a full grown dinosaur of your, or any species runs? Given that most baby animals in nature that don't have to spend months clinging to their mother's backs and chests are either able to hide or run almost as fast as the adults, this becomes a problem when the dinosaurs in the game can do neither due to a lack of any sort of cover, and the decision that the baby dinosaurs needed to stand no chance if seen by an adult predator.

We're three years in and the game has been rebuilt three times, each time introducing a new game mode that manages to be worse than the last, requiring huge time input just to grow a single dinosaur. Not even ARK, a game that literally has nothing to do besides sit and stare at animals as you tame them, makes better use of that time because at least you can tame several animals at once and harvest resources and expand in the downtime.

Dondi is not good at what he does, as he can't seem to decide what he wants his team to be working on. So rather than focus on one thing and make decent progress, they go three or four months at a time without a word, slowly developing several things that won't even be in the game for another year or two and shouldn't even be beyond the concept stages. Not to mention his unnecessary cruelty to his community. Personal experience, I got banned from the Steam forums for pointing out Shantungosaurus, the largest hadrosaur dinosaur in history, was too small in the game. And it was. At best it was 2/3 the size it should have been but it was closer to half the size.

I've met a friend I would not trade for the world from that game. She is one of the best things to ever happen to me, and is even working to becoming a paleontologist. The game has gotten so bad and toxic that she gave up on it completely.

And this is my version of a short rant against this game. Nothing in it works because the dinosaurs aren't created correctly, they're created to adhere to a tier system they made up with no basis.

If you want a good dinosaur game, Beasts of Bermuda is your best bet. It has a lot of promise, but the development process isn't reassuring due to major balance issues currently being looked over because a minority in the community is saying stuff is working when it is very clearly not working, their Lurdusaurus' low survivability, and the problems caused by apatos herding with other herbivores, preventing carnivores from hunting being some prime examples.

Otherwise, pretty solid game. Semi-realism servers help deal with some of those balancing problems.

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Re: The Isle

Post by Sivo » Tue Mar 26, 2019 11:04 am

Honestly, however rude the devs are, I don’t think I could just quit the Isle. It’s just an amazing game.
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Re: The Isle

Post by elkhunter123456 » Fri Apr 19, 2019 6:21 am

Heard a lot about this game it seems ok but I prefer wolfquest.
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