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by Undercore
Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:01 pm
Forum: Pack Central
Topic: ♒Silver Mountain♒Νεω αnd Εxσεpτιg♒Ηιgη Rανks Oρεn♒M: 12♒
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Re: ♒Silver Mountains♒Νεω αnd Εxσεpτιg♒Ηιgη Rανks Oρεn♒

Secret Word: Silver Mountains UserName: Undercore Name: Aven Traits: Aven is a very competitive and stubborn old wolf, she is very protective of what she considers hers ( including friends and family, or her favourite rock she suns herself on) She is usually quite serious, but can take a joke. Even ...
by Undercore
Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:47 pm
Forum: Pack Central
Topic: Starpack (Accepting! Warriors and Scouts needed!)
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Re: Starpack (Accepting! Pups Needed!)

Wolf's Name: Avery Wolf's Gender: Female Wolf's Age: 6 months Wolf's Personality: protective, caring, sometimes arrogant, naive, Wolf's Appearance (Fur color, eye color, scars, and so on) : ginger-brown fur, faded blue eyes, lighter underbelly What rank you would like: pup ( I would also like to not...

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