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by DawnTilDusk
Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:21 pm
Forum: General WolfQuest Discussion
Topic: Ideas for New Episodes/Future Updates
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

I'm not sure if this has been recommended yet (there is 50 something pages guys :,) ) but I thing quirky Elk/Mule deer! I was watching a YT video on WQ channel "You Had Me At A Play Bow" I think it was and I noticed some of the NPC wolves had their own quirks/ special traits. I was thinking maybe th...
by DawnTilDusk
Fri Aug 10, 2018 11:12 am
Forum: WolfQuest 3 and Tower Fall Developer's Blog
Topic: It's a Whole New Herd
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Re: It's a Whole New Herd

These new elk look amazing! ^^ I'm glad that there will be baby elk since hunting the adults will be harder considering the fact that the elk seem to be faster and much more stronger. I watched the Wolf Quest video on YT called You had me at playbow and I noticed that the wolves loboloco was interac...

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