Adding Abodes on Amethyst Mountain

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Adding Abodes on Amethyst Mountain

Post by loboLoco » Thu Sep 22, 2022 2:11 pm

One element of the WolfQuest Saga -- the big expansion of the game that will let you continue playing through the life of your family pack -- is the option to play the complete quest cycle on every map.* We've been chipping away at this and so today's devblog takes a look at that effort, particularly the matter of dens. Which parts of the Amethyst map are suitable for dens? Remember that dens must face south (to catch the warmth of the sun in the chilly springtime) and low enough in elevation (to avoid the worst of Yellowstone's mercurial weather).

Unfortunately, that rules out much of the Amethyst map, but there are several zones on the south-facing slopes above Amethyst and Chalcedony creeks which will suffice. And while most wolf dens in the real world are nondescript holes in the ground, we like more variety and interest in our dens in the game, so today's devblog also looks at making one of the new Amethyst dens, under the roots of a fallen tree.

This feature is one of several things that we're working on, along with Lost River DLC map, new AI behaviors for the Saga, and several other things which we plan to roll out in the coming months. We don't yet know when the complete quest cycle on each map will be ready for release, but it is likely to be ready before the full Saga (which isn't coming before 2023), so stay tuned to our devblogs to get the latest updates.

Also: Share your love for WolfQuest by writing a Steam review! Great ratings and positive reviews from our fabulous player community make a HUGE difference to WolfQuest development. We appreciate all the ways players support WolfQuest!

* Except Lost RIver Classic.


The WolfQuest saga will continue! Stay tuned for more news in upcoming devblogs about it and other new features!

Once the game is completed on PC/Mac, we will turn our attention to other platforms.

We do not announce specific release dates. We will release them when they are ready.
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