Building Character DLC (and 1.0.8l) Released!

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Building Character DLC (and 1.0.8l) Released!

Post by loboLoco » Thu May 12, 2022 12:32 pm

The next patch, v1.0.8l (The "l" is for limpy and the new injury system) is out now! And that means that the new DLC pack is also available for purchase from the game. After downloading the patch, you can go into the wolf customizer and see what all is included in the DLC. We're calling this the "Building Character" pack, because with it, you have more options to create your own character, but especially because adversity builds character, and the body customizations in the pack will show that your wolf has faced adversity -- and survived.

The DLC costs US$6. What's in it?
* Ten new coats, five black and five gray, and all based on real Yellowstone wolves.
* Body modifications: Short tail, cut off tail, crooked tail, and snaggletooth.
* Eye modifications: Blind eye and Corneal Edema (caused by injury or disease).

We think the new coats, created by our wolf artist Steve Adamson, are the best yet, and the body mods give you some...interesting options for your wolf's life experiences. The corneal edema is admittedly a rather weird one, but it is based on an actual wolf that the researchers at the Voyageurs Wolf Project came across. Choose it with discretion! Our Knowledge Base has all the details about these coats and customizations, including short biographies of each wolf that inspired the new coats.

This patch also includes:
* New in-game injury system.
* Three new dens under the roots of Douglas-fir trees.
* Five new NPC-only coats (which will appear on dispersal wolves and sometimes on pups when you grow them up into adults in the Family Tree).
* New options in multiplayer to start games in more seasons.
* Several new ear injuries in Wolf Customization.
* Lots of small quality-of-life improvements, along with many, many bug fixes.

See the patch notes for all the details about what's included.
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Re: Building Character DLC (and 1.0.8l) Released!

Post by rowantobias » Thu May 12, 2022 2:08 pm

we love to see it!!! excellent update!

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Re: Building Character DLC (and 1.0.8l) Released!

Post by Herd-Runners » Thu May 12, 2022 5:34 pm

I tested the injury system (it was good) and great update!

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