Don’t post your abuse reports to the forum!

This sub-forum is specifically about FAQ dealing with the Multiplayer Game Chat options and reporting inappropriate behavior in multiplayer games.
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Don’t post your abuse reports to the forum!

Post by Neamara » Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:18 pm

Please be aware that the WolfQuest Community Forums are not the intended location for members to post or report abuse reports for multiplayer games and/or players. The preferred methods of reporting involve reporting with the in-game reporting function explained in the How do I report a player? FAQ entry or, if you were unable to use the in-game report feature, by sending an e-mail containing your report which will be dealt with at the team’s earliest convenience. There are good reasons to report via these methods instead of reporting multiplayer incidents on-site:
  1. Confidentiality – The forums are completely public, meaning anyone and everyone can read its contents including guests. E-mailing or reporting in-game means your report is managed in a private setting.
  2. Anonymity – Unless you have announced that you are reporting the involved problem player(s) -- something that is strongly discouraged! -- you are being completely anonymous. The reporter's username is never disclosed. Posting on the forum requires you to be registered and logged in, associating all your posts with your username.
  3. Naming & Shaming – We do not allow naming and shaming on the forums. Reports posted on the forums will be edited or trashed – remember, only WolfQuest Team Members can deal with abuse reports. Voluntary members of staff such as Global moderators and WolfQuest Report Team members cannot.
As an additional note, we ask that you don’t submit your report in a private message.
WQ Coordinator wrote:Q: Can't I just message a moderator/administrator on the WolfQuest forums to report someone?
A: Because we want all the detailed information needed to warn or ban inappropriate players, we only accept reports from non-Report Team members via e-mail. PMs don't usually include all of the information requested in an abuse report, so please follow the instructions in the WolfQuest FAQ and the abuse report page for reporting.
Source: Reporting FAQ

If you'd like to report game bugs and glitches, please refer to these topics for information and discussion, respectively. Or if you're looking for a little humor... Please make sure you have also read the topics contained within this forum before posting a new topic just to be clear on the reporting procedures. You can ask questions and discuss reporting in general if you wish. :) In fact, it's encouraged!

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