What are the rules for multiplayer games?

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What are the rules for multiplayer games?

Post by Neamara » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:17 pm

Welcome to WolfQuest Multiplayer games.

What is allowed:
  • Being a friendly, respectful, and helpful player
  • Appropriate roleplay and chatting
  • Inviting specific people to private games

What is not allowed:
  • Swearing, vulgarness, and excessive violence
  • Sexually-oriented/mating/dating/flirting/romancing games or roleplay
  • Harassing/bullying/threatening other players
  • Discussing illegal or inappropriate topics
  • Giving your wolf a name that is invisible in the chat box
  • Excessive kicking, or saving spaces for friends in public games
  • Video-recording games without permission from other players
  • Giving/asking for personal information
  • Pretending to be a staff member (WolfQuest Team Member, Administrator or Moderator), or another player
    • Through deliberate profile modification, including username, signature, or avatar changes (the last two apply exclusively to the forum)
  • Editing game files to alter functionality

Consequences: Breaking these rules may result in a warning, ban or disabled account, with or without any prior warnings. All account infractions are handled by a WolfQuest Team Member. If you notice anyone breaking these rules, please use the in-game reporting features:
* For game names, click the Report button in the MP lobby.
* For in-game chat, open Pack Stats, click the player's name, then the Report button.

By entering a multiplayer game, you agree to obey these rules. However, WolfQuest cannot guarantee that in-game chat won’t contain inappropriate content and behavior. You assume all risks associated with online games and chat.

To join in on the discussion on how to appropriately roleplay a pack without finding/having mates, please go here:http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.p ... 92&start=0. Thank you for your cooperation.


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