How do I recover my saved data?

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How do I recover my saved data?

Post by Neamara » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:25 pm

When the game is first launched, it will generate a new folder (if it doesn’t already exist) and four sub-folders.
  • On Windows, [your username]/My Documents/WolfQuest
  • On Mac, [your username]/WolfQuest

If your saved data does not appear when you open the load option, that folder may have been deleted. If this happens, the game will create a new set of folders as it did before.

WolfQuest now uses a cloud-based storage system which synchronises your data with our server provided a) you have an active internet connection and b) you have registered and logged into your account. If you ever need to push to or pull from our server, start and save a new game and then return to the splash/title screen. You should then be prompted with a window asking you to synchronize your data.
  • Note
Save data from 2.5 and older versions of WolfQuest are incompatible with 2.7 and newer and vice versa.


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