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How do I make a bigger pack?

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:21 pm
by Neamara
The purpose of single-player Episode 1: Amethyst Mountain is to find a mate. Episode 2: Slough Creek allows you and your mate to have puppies. Most real wolf packs are are a family unit - a pack composed of a breeding pair and their offspring. The single player game starts you off with four pups so your pack can be as large as six wolves (you, your mate, and your four pups). At present, your offspring do not mature beyond their current life stage at the conclusion of the second episode and your wolves will not produce their second litter with the previous litter available to help out. Please read “Why don’t/when will pups grow up?” for further information.

Multiplayer packs allow players to participate in a pack of up to eight wolves with up to four pups in the Raise Pups scenario so a multiplayer pack can be as large as twelve wolves.