Dog and Wolf origin?

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Dog and Wolf origin?

Post by withe wolf » Mon Aug 07, 2023 9:27 am

So this might be a confusing question about both wolves and dogs origin and if dogs come from a extinct eurasian wolf an not a american.

Is it true that dogs and modern wolves are from the extinct tribes of Italian wolf? Cause modern Italian wolves are the only european wolves with a mDNA haplogroup that once was widespread in central and western Europe for over 40,000 years, and in North America until the Last Glacial Maximum.
Eurasian wolves have stockier skulls which looks like its for crushing, while the American that has a longer skull looks like its for tearing.
Is that why dogs tend to like chewing bones? Since I was told American/Canadian wolves tend to prefer to quikcly strip the flesh clean off the bones (probably because of feeding behaviour like competition with bears?) while Eurasian tend to gnaw and crunch on bones more.
The skull of dogs and eurasian wolves are very similar too with a shorter nose and broader head.
And afaik the dog origin is currently thought to be from eruasia/asia which makes sense cause of the extinct italian wolf tribes that ruled then that I explained above.

Question is did I get this right or wrong?
I tried to explaining as much as I could so I hope this is enough.
A clarification would be great. :)
I used various wikis to find most of my info.

Link to picture of a Eurasian and a American/Canadian wolf. ... fskull.jpg
Link to picture of a German shepherd dog skull vs Eurasian wolf skull. ... NH_358.jpg
Link to italian wolf linage

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